Meteopaty: who are they?
 There are days when, despite the absence of health problems, a person feels overwhelmed and tired. Some are with time the relationship between the change in the weather, and their own health. Have you encountered something similar? If so, chances are you - meteopat.

Who is at risk?

Meteopatiya, or in other words, meteosensitivity, attracting more and more interest among professionals and it is no longer considered a myth. As it turned out, every other one of us feels the effects of atmospheric changes. Moreover, most meteopatii susceptible women and urban dwellers. It is also considered to be especially vulnerable adolescents, infants, pregnant women and the elderly.

 Meteopaty: who are they?

It is noteworthy that the number of meteopatov growing every year. What is the reason?

One of the main reasons cited modern lifestyle. A man more detached from nature, because his life easier technical devices. Surprisingly, creating for themselves a comfortable life with the help of air conditioners, heaters, etc., A person reduces the protective properties of the organism and adaptation. That is why the villagers less weather-sensitive.

The reason for increasing the number of meteopatov connected with changes in the pastime. Modern people spend more time indoors. As a rule, between the evening at the computer or TV and a walk in the fresh air, he will choose the former.

Nutrition and bad habits, though indirectly, but also influence. Malnutrition cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the weakening of the immune system and, as a consequence, besides aggravation meteosensitivity.

 Meteopaty: who are they?

Meteopat you?

Meteosensitive Determine whether you actually easy enough to agree with the points listed below. If you can accept more than 2-3 allegations meteopatiya mean - and your problem:

• You are sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure;

• Before a storm or blizzard have exacerbated chronic diseases;

• At high atmospheric pressure, increased blood pressure, headaches occur. While low, for example, when the sky is overcast, you can torment insomnia and depression;

• Do you seriously pass acclimatization;

• Your body responds to the geomagnetic disturbances;

• In summer, you feel better than in autumn and spring;

• The state of health is deteriorating at a positive air ionization;

• There is an allergy to the cold in the form of urticaria.

How to ease their condition?

Of course, I would like to know how to cure meteopatiyu. But the answer is, unfortunately, a lot of upset: it is incurable.

However, to facilitate the state weather-sensitive person can be. It will have to slightly change their way of life. Strengthen the body, and thus make it more resistant to weather changes, to help tempering. Make it a rule to start the day with a cold shower.

 Meteopaty: who are they?

An active lifestyle and sports will never be superfluous. With their help you strengthen the cardiovascular system and defeat the pain in his back, and, therefore, reduce your discomfort with the change of weather.
Heed long trips and beach holidays.

Weather-sensitive people is not desirable to drastically change the climate, for example, leaving from winter to summer. For the body is a lot of stress. But if you decide to visit, it is not recommended to spend the whole day at the beach.
Every day to be outdoors for at least an hour.

If you feel depressed, associated with the approaching storm or snowfall, drink soothing herbal tea or tincture of Leonurus. Will and vitamin complexes with magnesium and calcium.

 Meteopaty: who are they?

Drink about 2 liters of purified water per day, but give up the stimulating drinks such as tea and coffee.

On the bad habits, too, is to forget: alcohol and cigarettes, will only reinforce the bad state of health.

And most importantly, it is taken to heart the dire predictions of meteorologists - they can go wrong, and you pre-configure your body feeling unwell.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya