AIDS is not a single, or even just about skin tumors
 Humanity is so worried about the problem of the spread of the incurable immune deficiency syndrome, which does not notice other nadvinuvsheysya him hazards: skin tumors. Meanwhile, this problem is very urgent for many people, and the velocity of propagation has already left far behind, said AIDS.

Doctors are sounding the alarm and calling everyone who sees abundant growths on your skin (age spots, warts, papillomas, warts, xanthelasma, molluscum contagiosum, moles (nevi), etc.) not to be afraid, but immediately seek professional advice dermatocosmetology . After all, as most of the serious diseases mentioned growths on the skin are easily treated in the early stages and are extremely dangerous (even fatal!) While ignoring the long-term problem. Always remember that skin tumors are not simply unaesthetic, but can degenerate into malignant. In the latter case, consultation dermatologist already have to change to appeal to the oncologist. Research found that healthy pigment cells for 1-2 days can turn into a tumor!

If your dermatologist or beautician pigmented skin tumors seem suspicious, after removing it, he can return it for microscopic analysis. By the way, the analysis holds a pathologist. And it's perfectly natural practice that should not scare the patient. Even if the tumors will find cancer cells, it is not a reason for panic. If you are asked for medical help in time, the situation is easily remedied, and in the arsenal of oncologists are a number of modern tools to deal effectively with the identified malignant cells.

Doctors have already allocated the main risk groups Who are most susceptible to the dangerous progression of skin tumors:

• First of all, these are people whose professional activity is related to the length of stay under the scorching sun: builders, repairers roads, etc.

• Secondly, the people who are experiencing hormonal change: pregnant women, nursing mothers, women in the postpartum period, during menopause.

• Third, it is a fashionista, conducting a long time in the solarium.

• In the quarter, these are people with lowered immunity.

• Fifth, they are people with a history of photosensitivity, have been subjected to radiation or exposure to the skin these chemicals, mineral oils, insecticides, herbicides or petroleum products.

• Sixth, it is people with diseases of the endocrine glands (pituitary, thyroid, ovaries, adrenal glands).

• Seventh, to the progression of tumors on the skin can cause independent mismanagement and improper treatment with all kinds of ointments, tinctures, lotions, hair dressing, sewing, etc.

Ways of infection:

- Heredity;

- Contact with the sick person or animal (!);

  - The virus that causes the progression of tumors on the skin, can survive on the surface of an inanimate object, so at risk of infection automatically get such public places as baths, swimming pools, water parks, sports facilities, etc.

The virus enters the skin through small defects of the skin and mucous membranes or through cuts when shaving, epilation by mikrorany, bitten nails, scratches on the skin, etc.


Surgical path   - Considered the most traditional, but by removing the tumors removed and certainly part of the healthy tissue. The method is still dangerous and various surgical wound infection, suture divergence. Traditional surgical excision is often recommended to remove xanthelasma (subcutaneous yellowish plaque in the eyelids, which are evidence of excess cholesterol in the blood). In this case, the sutures are removed after a week.

Also surgically usually removed atheroma (subcutaneous spherical movable sebaceous cyst). Their appearance is most often associated with congenital obstruction of sebaceous glands. Atheroma necessarily need to be removed. They are dangerous inflammation and increase in size. And this is fraught with a large surgical incision, bandaging with disinfectant ointments and antibiotics. With timely removal is not even needed stitches and the healing takes place this week, leaving a subtle traces.

Electrosurgical treatment   (electrotome) - bloodless method for removing tumors, but the danger of electric shock Electro-footprint, which in turn slows down the healing process. This method is often recommended to remove moles, warts (thin appendages on the basis of thin cutaneous), keratitis (gray spots resembling freckles once, but increased, flaky and dead skin) and freckles. Papilloma and remove keratomas necessarily because they show a decrease in the immune system and susceptibility to cancer.

The essence of the electrosurgical technique is precisely the spark that removes the tumor (surgery for removal uses special optics), in its place there is a crust, which is then treated with an alcohol solution several times a day. A week later, with a little crust disappears. Trail later on the skin remains. During the healing of the surgical site should not be exposed to water and sunlight.

Cryo-removal   (liquid nitrogen) - involves the freezing of the skin, followed by a period of purification and recovery of the skin.

Laser removal   - A kind of surgical removal, which combines the removal of as much tumor tissue gently to surrounding healthy tissue, painless, quick procedure and maximum cosmetic effect in healing.

But it is always easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, it should not be neglected elementary methods of prevention of skin tumors . Among them:

- Restriction of solarium;

- Wearing a broad-brimmed hat on the beach, in order to limit contact with the solar radiation;

- Alertness and attentiveness to skin tumors, and mandatory attendance oncologist when pigmented tumors become more saturated in color (dark brown or black), become uneven contours, increase in size, losing the hairs, crack, peel, bleed and become inflamed.

In conclusion I would like to remind readers of the resource that the summer - time of holidays and the incredible solar activity. Chocolate tan is still in vogue, but health - more expensive. Therefore, in the light of the material presented in this article should refer to the practice of placing priorities in life. A moderate solar bathtubs and vigilant against their own tumors on the skin and the skin of loved ones - a pledge that will be unforgettable summer came a happy and healthy for your family, then you heartily and wish!
Author: Natalia Hryshko