"Awesome Mom! "Or the beauty secrets of Hollywood moms
 Streamers, aching muscles, disheveled and weakened hair - that's what pregnant women are experiencing. Currently, there is a huge selection of cosmetics, in this article we will talk about some of them.

Problem №1. Streamers

If you are genetically prone to their appearance, it is almost impossible to avoid this. They appear when you drastically lose weight as a result of the tension of the skin. In order to somehow improve the elasticity of the skin, it is necessary to rub the belly different oils and lotions that contain cocoa butter, vitamin E and olive, almond oil.

As soon as your baby is born, you can use StriVectin-SD - is the most famous agent in the fight against stretch marks.

Problem №2. Brown spots

Pregnant women are susceptible to intense pigmentation. To reduce its occurrence, related also to the influence of the sun on your skin, use creams with SPF15.

If you need to make the spots are not so visible and intense, try the serum vitamin C.

Problem №3. Dry hair is ugly

Many pregnant women avoid coloring hair during pregnancy. However, experts say that after the first three months, you can use gentle paint so that it was not intense at the roots, or chemicals on the skin receptors droop inward. Take pleasure of your hair - do firming mask once a week.

Problem №4. Dry skin and acne

These problems associated with hormone disruption. The best option - to wait out the time. However, keep in mind that during pregnancy it is impossible to use the funds from retinol-A, salicylic and benzoic acids!

Problem №5. Dark circles under the eyes

To deal with this problem is pointless, however, to try to disguise them - the only acceptable option.

The problem №6. Aching muscles

This problem is worth fighting for, attending various courses and classes for pregnant women. There you will pick up the individual and safe exercise.

The problem №7. Phlebeurysm

US researchers suggest more rest during intense hiking and car ride. Also, some of the exercises designed to relieve fatigue.

The problem №8. Pain in the legs and feet

To solve this problem is to massage your feet and take a warm bath with essential oils.