Fleeing from the heat. Part One
 Every year we are faced with an abnormally hot summer, the climate is changing before our eyes. People just have to adapt to these conditions of life, to help your body cope with elevated due to heat stress.

What happens to the body in hot weather? Banal overheating! It is therefore logical that, first of all, we look for ways to cool. But not always this desire is beneficial, and sometimes leads to disastrous situations. Try to understand what is good and what is bad in the heat. Start by creating a comfortable indoor climate and in the car

1. Air
Air conditioning in the office or in the home is no surprise, but it is advisable to adhere to certain rules by which advances in technology will go for the benefit, not harm.
Always be in a room with air conditioning is quite dangerous - high probability of occurrence of acute viral infections or worsening of chronic diseases. It is tempting to lie down in the heat directly under the air conditioner, but it's better to stay at a distance of not less than two or three meters from the operating unit.

 Fleeing from the heat. Part One
   In addition, it is important to establish the optimum temperature in the air-conditioned indoors to avoid large fluctuations in the output of the street: 20-23 degrees - quite a comfortable temperature indoors. Air conditioner does not negate the ventilation - fresh air is needed, be sure to check the integrity of the built-in ventilation system in any environment, including indoors with air conditioning.

 Fleeing from the heat. Part One
 2. Draught
  Good effect gives cross-ventilation, enabling the rapid exchange of air, but do not be in a draft in the room. Draught - an insidious thing, dangerous to health. Nasal congestion, ear pain, aching tooth pain, nerve inflammation, herpes on the lips - it's part of the effects of drafts.

 Fleeing from the heat. Part One
 3. Air ionizer
It is useful to have a residential or work premises ionizer. Practically all airborne particles (dust particles household chemicals) have a positive charge, and allows the air ionizer ions with a negative charge. The negatively-charged ions attract airborne particles, they settle down and do not accumulate in the airways. Air Ionization useful all year round.

 Fleeing from the heat. Part One
 4. Fan
Using the fan increases air flow, thus creating a cooling effect. But there are two dangers lurk: strong air currents rise already the settled dust, polluting the air in the room, increasing the risk of allergies. As well as families with small children it is not necessary to include fans with rotating blades - bodily injury! After all, children are very inquisitive, always want to touch the handles, and even language!

 Fleeing from the heat. Part One
 My son, when he was small, not looking at bans, loved "shred" paper fan - it was very interesting to watch! After he continued to experiment with crayons, we have hidden for a long time fan. Away from sin. Recently appeared on the market and secure in this regard without paddles fans.

 Fleeing from the heat. Part One
 5. Interior
If your room is located on the sunny side, then by covering the glass windows of a special film, color filter, you can reduce the room temperature by a few degrees. Also plays an important role the color of curtains: white (light) color repels the sun's rays, and black (dark) absorbs heat.

 Fleeing from the heat. Part One
 In the room where you spend most of the time, it would be nice to have indoor plants, they will decorate the interior and replenish the air with oxygen. Especially good are dieffenbachia, ficus, monstera, aucuba, Chlorophytum, Caladium, which not only purify the air, but also create cool, optimize moisture.

If you prefer to travel by personal car, do not forget to wash it regularly and polish: If the glass body and a lot of dirt, dust the surface of the car is heated by the sun is much stronger because the rays are not reflected, but on the contrary - are absorbed. The temperature inside a car parked in the sun can be closed up to 60 degrees! Not in any way do not leave in a car (even briefly) a child or pet - it is dangerous for their lives!

Do not leave the car in the cabin pressurized cans (hairspray, deodorant spray) and lighter: they may explode from overheating.

If the car has air conditioning, do not be carried away by a strong decrease in temperature in the cabin compared to the street - sudden changes in adverse effects on health.

Reduce the temperature inside the vehicle can be using sun blinds on suckers, as well as the "mirror" screen on the windshield. Here, too, there are nuances: mirror screen must be placed outside the car, tucking the edges of the screen inside the door closed and secure. If the screen is inside, all reflect heat remains inside the car, too.
Author: Galina Kruglik