Let's light up one by one ... Or maybe not?
 "I have seen many men turned their gold in the smoke, but you are the first who drew the smoke into gold."
(Walter Raleigh Elizabeth I, who had introduced tobacco to England from America)

If only the Queen could guess, how many subjects will transform life in the smoke and dust of premature tobacco, get rich Reilly.

Scientists predict that in 2010, the year will die from tobacco use around the globe 6 million. People. And so it is particularly sad that, most revealing books by contemporary authors, we come to how romantic draws on the cigarette or cigarette not only goodies, but also character. The same we see on television.

Smoking triggers early heart attacks and strokes, lung disease and brain.

Even passive smoking, when a person does not smoke, and is next to a smoker, heart disease threatens, promotes the formation of blood clots, it causes headaches.

Because tobacco smoke in 4, 5 times more toxic exhaust gas vehicles, and is the strongest air pollutant. In one cubic centimeter of tobacco smoke contains soot particles 200-250 million. When smoking a pack of cigarettes a day people breathe air polluted by exceeding the standards of a thousand or more times.

 Let's light up one by one ... Or maybe not?

And smoking is dangerous especially for women.   Women who smoke is 12 times more likely than non-smokers, develop angina, 2, 5 times more often they become ill with bladder cancer and 20 times more lung cancer and asthma.

Also, gradually woman becomes nervous, inadequate, she reduced immunity, it is often sick with colds and viral, quickly get tired, can not operate at full capacity, loses the ability to be creative.

Many women think that the cigarette as it stimulates the mental process, the deception arises from the fact that in small doses, nicotine increases the excitability of the cerebral cortex, blood vessels dilate for a short time, but then there is their sharp narrowing. We constantly smoking women narrowed vessels almost constantly, and they begin to become blunt. This cunning tobacco spoke more great German poet IV Goethe: "Smoking tupeesh. It is incompatible with the creative activities. "

But smoking not only affects the health and intellectual abilities of women, it is also a mercilessly destroys female beauty .

The skin loses its elasticity smoking ladies, gets an unpleasant yellow color, is dry, before the time covered by a grid of fine wrinkles.

Teeth become yellow and destroyed. A breath! In it exactly herd of horses slept. No wonder the joke: "It is better to lick an ashtray smoking than kissing a woman."

Voice smoking woman loses sonority and silver becomes hoarse, it is often tormented by a cough. Women who smoke at 99, 9% develop chronic bronchitis.

On the lips and in the corners of the mouth are often cracks, because the body loses its ability to absorb vitamins, especially vitamin C and minerals.

More than 70% of female smokers suffer from eye irritation. And then no drops will not save until the woman will not give up smoking.

Hair loses shine, whipped and thinning.

Smoking woman ages 2 times faster than its non-smoking friend. Loses interest in life, it becomes frigid.

And if smoking women have children, it causes irreparable harm to their health.

 Let's light up one by one ... Or maybe not?

Doctors advise smokers to give up coffee, and replace it with a cup of tea with milk. In the morning and in the afternoon is useful to drink juice of citrus fruits, especially oranges. It should also lean on fresh oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, pomelos. Often included in the diet food of any of beans, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, cucumbers, beets, celery.

It helps to reduce the craving for smoking red wine. Other alcoholic beverages cessation contraindicated.

It helps develop an aversion to smoking grass infusion Thermopsis. 1 c. grass to fill in 1 cup boiling water, leave for half an hour, strain and make a sip whenever you want to smoke, or just to rinse their mouths.

But quitting smoking is possible only when you realize the harmfulness of their habits and will choose between the doubtful pleasure of false romanticism and its priceless beauty and health.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva