Letter to you, the smoker
 "A woman smokes on the bench
Women still give a damn. "
Larisa Rubalskaya

Hi! If you're reading this letter, it means that you smoke and you are representative, alas, not the stronger sex!

Did you ever wonder why today in our streets so often seen smoking women? Because a woman wants to be free. She wants to be around the same opportunities as men, and in some ways even ahead of it. Women hold senior positions and often earn more than their men, a couple of months after the birth go to work, hiring nurse your baby, they are increasingly sitting behind the wheel of a huge SUV, well versed in a variety of alcoholic beverages and, of course, close friends with a cigarette. They try! Well, they are very successful!

Fragile, petite, light and vulnerable, feminine and delicate, such Turgenev ladies found on the streets of the big city is becoming increasingly difficult.

Or maybe you bribed advertising? Of course, modern manufacturers of tobacco reoriented their advertising policy. Now cigarette advertising are not cowboys with three-day stubble, and the young and active women, which are beautiful and young and successful at work, and the family does not deprive the attention. And they do not smoke because stress at work or misunderstandings in the family. And not because the difficult situation, and that did not break, they smoked. They smoke because ... because it's fashionable. And in the context of a cigarette portrait of modern, successful, energetic young girl is just another small accessory like a purse or sunglasses.

Of course, begin smoking at all stupidity. In the school yard at recess - because you have grown up and grown! Then in the institute - well, it does not relieve the tension before the exam. And then on vacation, at work, when walking the dog and, of course, after sex. In short, always and everywhere! Used to and probably learned to enjoy the process. Moved from a fast and nervous puffs to sweet and refined professionalism. What can I say ... addictive.

 Letter to you, the smoker
 One breath and you   lung cancer, gastric or duodenal ulcer, and perhaps myocardial infarction, - choose! And this is not a complete list of bonuses you won. Problems with the cardiovascular system, due to a defective oxygen intake, increased cholesterol, partial necrosis of the internal tissues, and the skin loses its former freshness and appeal. A I heard of the syndrome of "smoker's face"? Early and pronounced wrinkles on the face, dark circles under the eyes, sunken cheeks and acne ingrained yellow plaque on the teeth. Expensive it turns out, is not it?

And you should be good for their health and see your doctor regularly and beautician? Of course, you will bypass these problems! Then, hopefully, you know that the harmful effects of smoking are not immediate, but gradually, and even after 20 years. Of course, if you plan to spend as much.

And even your "light" cigarettes, unfortunately, are only the name. Many researchers suggest that most women tend to deceive ourselves into thinking that smoking "light" and often subtle (especially for the ladies!) Cigarette does less harm to the body. Modern medicine has long been proven that "light" cigarettes - it's like cigarettes and a couple of them equal to one ordinary.

 Letter to you, the smoker
 Of course, you believe that one day will come, and you yourself throw cigarette ... when get pregnant. After all, you know that smoking is particularly harmful to young mothers. Premature birth and late toxicosis, frequent miscarriages and birth of defective body weight and development of children, has awarded dependence on nicotine. The nicotine-impregnated uterus like a child locked in a box, he worried constantly beats coughs. It was only after 10 minutes, his mother smoked a cigarette, he gets a "dose" and calms down. A first benzidine nicotine and enter the blood baby then accumulate in the brain, liver and heart, gradually developing poisoning of the whole organism. Do you still believe that?

Let's try to introduce you to ten years. Significantly increased risk of osteoporosis and heart attack. Not far off already and lung cancer. Bronchitis and eternal malaise - your constant companions. You are all impregnated with this pungent odor - hair, skin and nails. Orbit refreshing and slightly perceptible aroma of Givenchy do not help. Dim green complexion and persistent bad breath is not treatable. You often become ill and stay depressed. Your life has become a burden to you, friend call you less and less pleasure, because Smokers example for their young children they consider contagious. And the kid you did not have time to give birth. And tomorrow you're going to see a doctor, and endless thoughts never cease to torment. Do you still find yourself in ten of those who will be able to operate or have a hundred of those who will be forced to refuse.

 Letter to you, the smoker

Women's death rate is 40% of the total mortality associated with tobacco use.

Lovely girls and dear women! Remember, smoking - this is not the fashionable habit, and your conscious choice. Of course, now you are young and full of infinite life, you are not afraid of the consequences for them and you do not think. We are confident that if you like, tomorrow is thrown. But believe me, that tomorrow may simply not come. The cigarette is able to break your life.

 Letter to you, the smoker
 Yes, and the future wife of all want to see the nice, welcoming hostess, caring and careful mother, passionate and unrestrained seductress. That emit pure white sunny smile and smell fresh, not tobacco.

And the nerves calm down and forgive,
Asking pain and can even sense
But in the smoke of this dangerous beast sleeps.
Do not wake him up - a useful skill.
D. Rahmatullin

Author: Valentina Pyatygo