In warmer months, people often suffer from lichen. Because this disease loves heat and moisture.

The word ringworm is known since ancient times and it was designated a variety of skin diseases, especially those associated with scaling.

It has long been noticed as well that the zoster affects not all people. Several persons may come into contact with the source of infection, and ill only 1-2 of them. The reason for this has not yet been revealed by scientists.

There is an assumption that shingles easier "clings" to the nervous people exposed to stress. And also to those who have weakened immunity, which often suffer from colds. It may play a role, and a genetic predisposition. Most lichens are people after thirty years, are much less common in children and the elderly.

Shingles often begins with itching, rash with low-profile, there may be patches of pink or pale red. The edges of depriving often have vague outlines. Sometimes bubbles can appear within the liquid.

The most common lichens appear on the hands, feet, at least on the head, neck, back, groin. As experts say, 25 cases out of 100 in the treatment need not be, the disease is by itself. The only drawback - an itch that after some time passes. Sometimes the disease is hidden and people do not even know about it.

But lichens are very different. For example, pityriasis versicolor   It is a fungal infection. Most often they are ill, going on holiday in the country with a very warm and humid climate. Ill this lishaёm in our climate very few people succeed. Typically, multi-colored shingles affects people who suffer from excessive sweating. He transmitted through towels, bed linen. You can become infected and wearing someone else's clothes. But to the people who lead a healthy lifestyle and having a good immunity multicolored lichen does not stick.

In our country, the most common is Pink zoster . It is a round shape stain pink. At first, you may receive one spot, and then a few more. The skin near the lishaёm itching and flaking. But pink zoster "good" that usually goes away without the need for treatment.

 Ringworm   usually appears after close contact with sick animals unfamiliar, such as street cats and dogs. Scientifically it is called "Microsporia" and caused by fungi - Microsporum canis   and Trichophyton tonsurans .

This disease is highly contagious, sometimes it is enough just to stroke the animal, are carriers of the fungus, and then touch themselves, especially if there is a scratch on the skin, even microscopic, or weakened immunity. You can become infected by an infected person and if the use of his belongings and personal items.

Ringworm often affects the skin and hair, rarely nails. When at least one of the stripping need to consult a doctor immediately and do not use a washcloth, sponge, so as not to spread the infection throughout the body. If left untreated, this form of lichen, it may be balding. In the affected areas of the hair break off, as if someone had sostrig so versicolor called "ringworm." Around the round or oval spot baldness may be inflammation in the form of spots in large quantities.

From there are many lishaёv traditional medicine . Some of them:

1. Get on the 1st. spoon blackberry leaves, rose petals, willow bark, calendula flowers, herbs, horsetail, stir, cover with cold water, bring to a boil and boil for 15 minutes, cool, strain. Dipped in the broth gauze and applied to the lesion lishaёm.

1 2. raw red beet grate, put between layers of gauze and applied to deprive. When the beet is dry, replace with a new one, and do so regularly until complete recovery.

3. Take a handful of raisins, washed, seethe, grind and apply to the affected area.

4. Rinse cranberries and pound laying between layers of gauze bandage to deprive.

5. Watering zoster 3 times a day for 3 minutes with hot water to extinction.

6. Mix 1 teaspoon honey with 1 teaspoon of salt and a bandage to deprive.

7. Take a cabbage leaf, knead it, lubricate the sour cream and apply to the affected area. Once the sheet is dry, replace it with another.

8. The old antiquated way - to collect the liquid with a sweaty glass window and apply on affected area. Repeat several times. Experts say that this method is very effective.

And, of course, for the purpose of prevention, it is not necessary to touch unfamiliar animals, other people's things, not to stay long in wet clothes and should be washed often.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva