Age: stop it, until you do not have 40
 Using our tips, you will be able to halt the offensive signs of aging. You do not have to go for expensive treatments, the real beauty secrets available.

Stock up on calcium in age from 20 to 30 years

Bone density is more dependent on how you eat between 20 and 30 years. So says nutritionist and author of Age-Proof Your Body Elizabeth Somer. Meals should give the body enough calcium to the bone even with the youth were tight. And if you're after 30 years to continue to get calcium from food, it will help to keep bones strong. Calcium is best absorbed from milk, - warns doctor. After menopause, women lose bone mass very quickly, but proper nutrition can mitigate this point. Be attentive to his age. The only visible sign of bone loss and fractures are fractures. But these troubles can be avoided even in 20-30 years to think about food containing the daily requirement of calcium.

 Age: stop it, until you do not have 40

Protect your face from the sun while driving

The dermatologist and surgeon Eric Bernstein introduced even the term "syndrome of car window┬╗ (car windrow syndrome). He watches the manifestation of this syndrome in the majority of their patients. They have significant damage to the skin on the left side of his face due to the increased exposure to sunlight while driving (talking about America, where, as we have, right-hand traffic and the cars with the left wheel). That is why the best advice for young girls: do not forget the sunscreen while driving, it updated every 2 hours.

 Age: stop it, until you do not have 40

Eat spinach and watermelons

The greatest damage to the skin bring sunlight. This worsening dryness and wrinkles. Can even a few days spent in the sun - a reason to be upset that everything is lost? Include in the diet of foods high in vitamin A, which helps cells to be updated and get rid of the damage. This fruits and vegetables, especially, watermelon, mango, spinach, sweet potatoes.

Avoid coffee and soda

Gray skin and gray hair instantly add image once a decade. For healthy looking skin and hair with one of the main conditions is good hydration. Hence the Board - to increase water intake and reduce the diuretic, which include coffee and soda. In addition, the acidity of the coffee "eats" calcium creates a reddening of the skin, and soda called "killer hair."

 Age: stop it, until you do not have 40

Begin to use the anti-age means 25 years

At this age in the skin decreases levels of an enzyme Q10, responsible for the energy exchange in cells.

Use creams with glycolic acid and retinol

Dim complexion and no light skin - one of the first signs of skin aging. Fortunately, there are ingredients such as glycolic acid and retinol, which can quickly improve the appearance and texture of the skin by removing dry and scaly areas, smoothing wrinkles, improving skin color. Also, these components are designed to stimulate the production of collagen, which is important for the elasticity of the skin at any age.

 Age: stop it, until you do not have 40

Avoid red meat and processed foods

Saturated fats, white flour and sugar - this is what is found in red meat and processed products freely accumulates in the extra pounds, as well as a negative impact on the skin. In general, excess fat on the abdomen and triceps - is not only unattractive age-related changes, it causes premature aging and other organs, including the skin. Save yourself from this by sticking to lean meats and doing exercises - will live longer and will look younger.

 Age: stop it, until you do not have 40

Less Stress

If a normal stress level is constantly exceeded, it eventually affects the appearance, because it affects all internal systems are under stress in the chaos. Simple rules to help maintain the health of youth: do not miss the holiday, do not work on weekends, sleeping at least 7 hours a day, do not be lazy to do exercise.

Watch out for your hands

Do not forget to put on your hands moisturizer every time after washed hands. After all, for the face you do not forget about hydration? To your skin keeps you young, use a mild liquid soap, do not forget the sunscreen.

 Age: stop it, until you do not have 40

Secure your brain health with the help of omega-3

Memory loss and poor learning skills - all signs of aging of the brain that are not visible to you. But there is a solution. Last year edition Alzheimer's and Dementia study was published (known as the study of MIDAS), which confirmed that supplementation with omega-3 over 3 years significantly improves memory and learning ability, and in the long term omega-3 fatty acids are preventing the development of Alzheimer's disease.
Author: Julia Shestakova