Anti-age with the help of his own blood
 Our skin has a hidden potential to rejuvenate, which helps to identify procedure Plazmolifting. The function performs professional cosmetics own blood! The procedure dubbed the alternative to Botox, and the natural alternative, since it takes part only your own blood.

More recently, Kim Kardashian surprised his readers Instagrama photographs in which she captured herself in Plazmolifting.

  "The face of the vampire" or "vamp-lift" (sometimes referred to as Plazmolifting) - the invention of new, appeared on the market for salon services a couple of years ago, but is already quite popular. The procedure can be done in Russian showrooms. Price - from 7000 rubles.

What Plazmolifting?

The patient takes his own blood. Within 15 minutes of it right at the patient's plasma is produced. For this blood is rotated in a centrifuge, after which it is separated into red blood cells (they settle on the bottom) and the plasma (which rises upward). For plasma treatments needed, because it is rich in platelets, which have anti-inflammatory properties and promotes the growth factors. This is necessary for Plazmolifting rich plasma (sometimes abbreviated PRP can be found, it means "platelet rich plasma", i.e. platelet rich plasma).

The resulting plasma is used for injection into the skin. Injections completely imperceptible, as pre-anesthetic is applied to the face cream. Blood plasma stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and after the procedure completely disappears small wrinkles and visibly tightened facial contours.

Some clinics offer further enrichment of your own plasma. For example, sometimes the plasma is mixed with the patient's own fat, and get a natural tracker to fill wrinkles and voids. In this case, you can not talk about Plazmolifting, but rather about plazmofilinge.

The same principle of operation of the other, similar, procedures in which fillers are stem cells of the patient. Instead of platelets from the detective patient's own fat is enriched with stem cells.

 Anti-age with the help of his own blood

What are the advantages Plazmolifting?

The main argument of the vamp-lift - it is natural and natural. Patient's own blood in no way interferes with the body is not a foreign substance. Therefore, the procedure should be as safe as possible for the patient.

The only doubt about innovation - a small number of studies that have confirmed all of the above. While all the research is anecdotal. And perhaps soon the procedure will become more popular, if there are real data from scientists about the safety of the process.

At what age is it possible?

Kim Kardashian just 32 years. We can say that at this age resort to Plazmolifting early. But after 36-37 years, the procedure can be useful and have a visible effect in the years the aging process begins to accelerate. And, of course, is closer to 40 years and after 40 Plazmolifting may become necessary.

Another thing is that Kim is now pregnant, and blood sampling can sometimes cause miscarriage. Therefore it is better not to experiment with a vamp-lifting, while you are in position. After all, the future of any deviation from normal development can be attributed to this salon treatment. The extra nerves in this case to anything, and you can wait a few months until the normal delivery will occur.

 Anti-age with the help of his own blood

Is the procedure painful?

Plazmolifting not hurt more than any procedure facelift. For this procedure, use exactly the same instruments and needles, as in the conventional mesotherapy, any innovation is not here, differs only a filler, but his consistency is the same gel. Therefore, you can not fear that there will be some pain. The rehabilitation period at the same time very short. Immediately we can go home, feeling only a small swelling of the face, which quickly passes.

It is said that many people are afraid of the sight of blood. Perhaps that is why the procedure cautious attitude. However, the scales outweighs the fact that lifting the plasma has no side effects and is safe even for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. Contraindications only for people with diabetes, psoriasis, hepatitis and during exacerbation of chronic diseases.
Author: Julia Shestakova