New anti-age trend: liquid makeup
 Typically, the liquid funds of cosmetics, especially liquid foundation, it is advised to apply to women with dry skin. However, a new generation of liquid decorative cosmetics allows fearlessly apply them for oily skin and skin prone to acne.

But special recognition received liquid cosmetics from makeup artists that specialize in age makeup. Now women aged advised to completely switch to cream-colored make-up: eye shadow, blush, tonal foundations, highlighter, liners.

What are the advantages of liquid assets?

- Liquid formulations fill fine lines and wrinkles and minimize pores, filling them. As a result, the skin is smooth, radiant. While powders make more noticeable wrinkles.

- In addition, the liquid funds of cosmetics help to create on the surface of the protective layer of the skin, to retain moisture in the skin, which is especially important in the winter months, stressful working conditions, with dry and age the skin.

- Liquid make-up is better to fall on your skin, do not crumble, they are more resistant, their pigments - more vivid.

- Another advantage - liquid makeup can be mixed with moisturizing creams and oils, as well as anti-aging serums.

- Powder make-up is quite difficult to create the effect of radiant skin, while the liquid cream products do it without much difficulty.

- Cream is easy to apply make-up. Makeup artists use and brushes, and sponges (wet or dry), and is applied to a liquid makeup with your fingers. Options for application is much greater than that of powder tools.

- If the skin will peel enough, then the powder make-up it becomes evident to all with creamy foods you will never face kind of dry and flaky skin.

 New anti-age trend: liquid makeup

  Liquid foundation Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

What's in the lineup?   But not every means of liquid makeup can be called optimal. Attention should be paid not only to the release form, but also on the composition. The availability of sunscreen moisturizing cream in the composition. If there is no - you add the liquid cream cosmetics. This is especially important to note for tonal framework. The presence of silicone or dimethicone foundation makes it easier and coating simultaneously. All irregularities are filled, the skin is leveled. So do not be afraid of silicones. But there are undesirable components in the liquid cosmetics.

What to avoid?   It is not necessary to hope that all the liquid make-up perfect. Again, pay attention to the composition. Ingredients such as mineral oil, petrolatum, isopropyl palmitate - may lead to clogged pores. The molecules of these components are large in size, it makes money with them heavy, fatty feels.

 New anti-age trend: liquid makeup

  Liquid blush MNY Liquid Blush

At what age to apply?   The ideal time to begin the transition to a liquid make-up - 35-40 years. But to be more precise, it is the years when on the skin begin to appear the first signs of aging: fine lines such as, age spots, enlarged pores and capillaries.

How to remove?   Makeup removal of liquid make-up may be more moisturizing treatment. The fact is that the best means of cream removes makeup remover, oil-based, or any light vegetable oil (eg, sesame). A moisturizing skin yet no one interfered.

 New anti-age trend: liquid makeup

  Lipstick + shine - another example of the liquid make-up. On the one hand, the moisturizing properties of lipstick on the other - light liquid consistency gloss. Product - MAC Hello Kitty 2-in-1 Lip Gloss + Lipstick

What fear?   Of course, we can not say that the liquid make-up - the perfect solution. Because it is necessary to remember some simple rules:

- Despite the fact that liquid funds are more comfortable cosmetics for skin, never forget to remove make-up before going to bed.

- Do not apply the cream make-up entirely on his face. Make-up - it is not a moisturizer, it is not skin care products, it is just a means of decorative cosmetics. Problems solved moisture creams and serums.

- Arrange skin meykap stock days - days of rest from any makeup.

- Powdery and friable make-up can be combined with cream, but it is better not to mix them. It is first applied makeup cream, then top - loose.

- Too thick cream means you can always be diluted with a little and make more pliable, adding a little application daily moisturizer.

- If liquid cosmetics bad glides over the skin and poorly shaded, brush fingers moisturizer - it will help to correct the situation.

- Cream-colored make-up, tend to have a shorter life span, so turning a liquid make-up, get ready for what will have to update the inventory of cosmetics often.
Author: Tamara