The main signs of aging, and how to fight them
 Cosmetics manufacturers pay great attention to the fight against wrinkles. But at the same time, wrinkles - this is not the only sign of skin aging. And should not deal only with them. We bring you another seven age.

Symptom 1. Dull or gray hair

Supermodel Cindy Crawford shared with the publication of Allure, why it looks no worse than 15 years ago. But she is now 44! Cindy never come to people with undyed hair! She believes that shiny hair really young, while gray or dull added several years at once.

 The main signs of aging, and how to fight them

Council:   paint your hair, do not be afraid! Modern paints give not only color, but gloss, elasticity and nourish the hair. Do this every 3-4 weeks, are suitable for this semi-permanent color without ammonia. A shade can keep tinting shampoos (1-2 times a week). This radically change the color does not need to pick the closest to your own hair.

2. Symptom big nose

You know that the nose can often tell the age of a woman? Over the years, his nose flattened and expanded - it is an obvious sign of aging. And you can hide it. The easiest way - with the help of make-up. Apply a darker tone means on the sides of the nose, hiding the expanded nostrils.

 The main signs of aging, and how to fight them

And you can go to the salon. One of the fastest methods to correct the nose cabin - a form with the help of his spies. Fillers in the form of hyaluronic acid are introduced directly in the center of the nose to correct broke his nose, making it more sophisticated. And if we add a tiny dose of Botox under the tip of the nose, then this is definitely generate more youthful nose. After 10 minutes of injection you will lose several years.

3. Symptom saggy neck skin

Not all women, but many, with age, the skin of the neck droops, and she neck increases in size. This is due to the fact that the muscles of the neck are deformed, becoming thicker and thicker. Ideally, of course, follow the neck. It is known that the neck muscles are directly linked to the superficial muscles of the face. If the muscles are changed, it pulls down and the muscles of the face, and with them the skin.

 The main signs of aging, and how to fight them

Dr. Frederic Brandt, a dermatologist with offices in New York and Miami, said the best solution - Botox. He advises relax the neck muscles with Botox, and promises that this is just a little "lift" the face. The result is a non-surgical facelift. But remember that Botox loses its effectiveness after 3-4 months, so you'll have to visit the salon again.

4. Symptom saggy earlobes

It is very old women who wear earrings, especially if they are used to the massive and spectacular dyeing. Unfortunately, the problem of home-not cope. It should go to the salon. And you are likely to be offered a rather original solution: hyaluronic acid fillers. They expanded earlobes to make them more rounded and smooth. Such detailed facelift can last from six months to a year.

 The main signs of aging, and how to fight them

Symptom 5. Hyperpigmentation

Dark spots paint women only during pregnancy, but in other cases, hyperpigmentation - an indicator of aging skin. While the most effective means of lightening age spots is the effect on the skin TCA. However, until recently, this procedure is not very patient complained salons. Still would! Skin healing lasted two weeks and, in some cases longer.

Starting this year, you can get a more modern peeling TCA. It is a new tool that allows you to deliver a 25 per cent acid, bypassing the outer layer of skin. Thus, the upper layer of the epidermis remained intact longer and the rate of healing is required. Is that to be a little peeling during the week. But the long-term results of the procedure are worth. Along with getting rid of age spots, client such procedures get a brighter skin.

Symptom 6. sagging skin body

Women aged can be found on the skin droops not only on the face. Leather body also needs a lift. The most treacherous areas are the forearm, abdomen, buttocks. Fitness in the form of strength training at the gym helps quite considerably. Look at Jane Fonda, founder of aerobics. She is now more than 70, and she has created a special course of exercises for women age. There is less running and jumping, but most of the power load on the hands and feet.

There is another original board. Also from the star. The black model Iman, who is now 55, shared her secret with interesting edition Allure (US edition). She said that in '51 unexpectedly while on holiday, won an extra five pounds (about 9 kg). Then I decided to lose weight, and found that nothing is done. When he returned to his modeling weight, she discovered that she was the kind of exhausted and tired - the skin was not stretched. Then she again won the 5 pounds, and more than 4 years have not parted ways with them. Now it boasts appetizing forms and taut, elastic skin.

 The main signs of aging, and how to fight them

Iman: 25 and 55 years

Symptom 7. Wrinkles

This feature of course we can not ignore. Wrinkles excite most women and they are the most common signs of aging. Regular care and modern cosmetics allow to remove terms of the appearance of deep wrinkles. But completely get rid of them is can only specialist in the cabin.

The safest course of this technology are different fillers. Injectable fillers can virtually wipe out all the wrinkles. And if you make a choice between different fillers, the fillers is hyaluronic acid can be called the most preferred. They can remove even small "crow's feet". Advantage spies with hyaluronic acid in that they penetrate deeper into the skin layers, they can prick the surface and not deep. Unlike other fillers which are valid up instead of into the skin. Surface introduction of spies to avoid severe bruising and swelling after the procedure, which reduces the rehabilitation period.

And one more important advantage with gialuronka spies. Many patients are not satisfied injections. The main problem is that the spies entered in the wrong place. Unsuccessful job will produce distorted face or unnatural kind of facial volume. If using any other excipient (other than hyaluronic acid), this means that ugly face would have to walk at least a year. In case, if introduced hyaluronic acid, that is not true of the injection can be eliminated in 24 hours. Master enters enzyme that dissolves hyaluronic acid. The body actually absorbs the acid without damaging internal organs.

To avoid incorrect detectives entered, follow two simple rules. First, make sure that the interior works with trusted brands of hyaluronic acid (Perlane, Juvéderm, Restylane). And take your picture where you were 20 years old. Then the master will not fail at the site of injection.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin