We will live up to 100 years!
 We decided to summarize the results of research and medical practices known doctors of the world, and to develop the basic rules of longevity. Let's live to 100 years, and maybe longer!

Add the red color in the diet

This not only adds color and good cheer into your life. Red vegetables help maintain health. For example, red cabbage helps protect against cancer, and beet juice contains nitrates, relaxing blood vessels.

Drink at least one cup of black tea a day

Studies show that 1 cup of black tea per day helps to increase the chances of preserving the health of a heart attack by 28%. And this figure is lowest for the British, who can not imagine life without a cup of tea, "Five of the tuft."

 We will live up to 100 years!

Train your memory

The famous Dr. Oz recommends to memorize at least one phone number per day. This is enough to keep the brain active and not to suffer memory loss. Modern communications deprive us of the opportunity to keep in mind a lot. We have not tried to remember addresses, phone numbers, mentally lead organizer. And these skills help the brain does not lose the ability to absorb new information and process it.

Do not use the elevator

You do not need tickets to expensive fitness clubs to keep yourself in shape. Stairs - a great and affordable treadmill. If you walk on it (down and up), you get a good cardio load. If you do step on each additional step, you will get a trainer for the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and legs.

 We will live up to 100 years!


Maintaining a flexible body is vital to stay young. Regular stretching the muscles needed. But what if you do not often go to the gym or do not run in the morning? There are a good way. Again, very affordable. Stretch the muscles after a hot shower. This effectively. Stretching muscles improve posture, prevent muscle pain, keep the body healthy and young. The most simple stretching exercise: put your hands up, then slowly lean forward and pull the whole body to the right hand and do turn around, back forward. Do the same in reverse.

Watch for breathing

This simple exercise can be done at any time during the day. This mini-workout will keep the lungs healthy. Just take a deep breath and hold the air for 10 seconds and then slowly released it through clenched lips. Exercise helps all the valves easy to open.

Chew food 20 times

It is not enough chewed food not only allows you to enjoy the taste of food, this habit leads to an increased risk of developing diabetes. And for health and youth need to accustom themselves to a simple rule - to chew every bite at least 20 times.

 We will live up to 100 years!

Share goodies half

It is difficult to give up potato chips, chocolate, biscuits. Do not need! What depressed because you can not afford a bag of chips? However, this harmful product, empty calories. Exit is - a tasty snack split into two parts. And eat only half. There are studies that say that such an approach will not only help to stay healthy, but even a little bit to lose weight.

Exercise youth and slimness

Yoga - a great burden for people not quite a young age. But not everyone has the opportunity to practice these lessons. But there is a simple exercise to help lose weight and not age. Pose "Warrior": Take a wide step to the right foot, bend your right knee to the thigh parallel to the floor (in fact, it turns out an attack). Right hand turn up, lift your arm over your head. Then the right hand tilt to the left, pull the left hand to the left foot. Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat on the left side.

 We will live up to 100 years!

Protect your heart

Scientists believe that the cause of heart disease (including heart attacks) becomes poor quality blood, low activity and its coagulation. Bad blood flows to the heart. The reasons for this process are several: stress, sleep disorders, nutritional deficiencies, food processed products. So important is an active and healthy lifestyle, when we are trying to protect themselves from heart problems. At the same time, it helps to improve the quality of blood and generally prevent aging such substance as resveratrol. It is proved that those who took supplements with resveratrol, reduced inflammation of the heart by 26%. On the day you need to take 500 mg of resveratrol, is just 1 capsule dietary supplement with resveratrol. Either increase the daily intake of foods containing resveratrol, which is blueberries, nuts, red wine and extracts of grape seed.

Strengthens bones

Everyone knows that with age the bones become fragile, especially in women. Develops the risk of osteoporosis, bone mass is lost rapidly. It is believed that calcium is able to protect the bone. That's true, but only supplements of calcium or dairy products containing calcium, are not exhaustive prevention of osteoporosis. European scientists have proved that we need more such element as strontium. It strengthens and gives bone density. In the day to at least 680 mg strontium, this can reduce the risk of bone fractures by 33%. However, taking it in combination with calcium can not be the problem. Correct decision is divided calcium and strontium. After the adoption of calcium must be at least 4 hours before taking the complex with strontium that there is no interaction between them together.

 We will live up to 100 years!

Do not forget about vitamin D

Like strontium, Vitamin D - a great assistant for bones. But other than that this vitamin is a powerful prophylactic against cancer. Southerners get this vitamin is sufficient thanks to the sun, but those who live in the north, is not to forget about the need to have in the body of vitamin D. Vitamin D is able to protect cell DNA from the harmful effects of free radicals and toxins. In addition, it strengthens the immune system. And it protects against the development of cancer cells. On the day you need about 1,000 IU of vitamin D, and the most powerful and effective form - is vitamin D3.

Fish oil improves brain function

In order not to expose themselves to the risk of Alzheimer's disease and to maintain brain function, help fish oil. Brain tissues are composed mainly of fatty acids, including omega-3 and acid DHA (docosahexaenoic), which helps to improve brain function and increases the growth of new cells, which is crucial to prevent and combat the effects of memory loss. Additives from fish oil contain both these acids, we have fish oil 1000 mg daily.

 We will live up to 100 years!

Author: Vasilisa Cousin