Calendar beauty and slimming on May 2011
 Here - the general advice of the astrologer, and a calendar for each day according to the lunar cycle.

Visit beautician:
The procedures, which aim to nutrition and hydration of the skin, it is best to spend 1 - 3 and 20 - 31 May.
Activities related to the cleaning of the skin, will give a large effect from 5 - 17 May.
6, 7 and 8 May to respect the moderation in decorative make-up (or better do without it) - the skin these days especially in need of rest. In those days not scheduled peeling, plastic surgery, removal of cosmetic defects of the face.

Hair Removal:
Recommended days: 5 - 13 May.
Undesirable: 1 - 4, 19 - 30 May.

Recommended days: 9, 10, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, May 28.
Not Recommended days: 11, 12, 13, 14 May.

Recommended days: 17 - 18 (in these days to do well as foot massage), 26 and 27 of May. Desirable to refrain from the procedure: 4 - 5 and 13 - 14 May.

 Calendar beauty and slimming on May 2011
 Fighting obesity:
Between 1 - May 3, it is desirable to limit itself to the amount of food during this period try not to eat after 18 hours, throughout the day to drink more fluids.
6 - May 17 it is possible to lose weight without much effort.
18 - 19 May will be good to arrange fasting days, to fast as possible, drink plenty of fluids (pure water, tea without sugar, herbal teas).

A visit to the dentist:
Recommended May 15th.
Not recommended on May 3, May 20, May 31.

Calendar slimming and personal care:
May 1, Saturday.   Arrange a day of atonement for the skin and intestines. Showed fasting day.

May 2 Monday.   It is not necessary today intensively in the gym, and better and fitness to replace the bath with aromatic oils or a pleasant walk. Vegetarian Day will give excellent results only give up salads and canned food with vinegar refuel.

May 3, Tuesday.   More fruits and vegetables, less fat and flour. Showed fasting day.

May 4, Wednesday.   It's time to go on a diet! It is also useful to make a mask for the face and body.

May 5, Thursday.   Be sure to move, Pilates preferred. Massages and body wraps, too, will benefit.

May 6, Friday.   Today, no alcohol. A good day to quit smoking. Food - Fruits and vegetables.

May 7, Saturday.   Be sure to allow time to walk on air. There is the danger of stomach upset, watch out for power.

May 8 Sunday.   Day of Atonement, internal and external. As a minimum, peeling skin, and for the body - a fasting day.

May 9 Monday.   Day of relaxation and tranquility. Soothing teas and massage - Here is the schedule for today.

May 10, Tuesday.   Today the desire to think, they can be fulfilled!

 Calendar beauty and slimming on May 2011
 May 11, Wednesday.   On the afternoon sauna, steam room, beauty salon - all in favor of the figure and health.

May 12, Thursday.   Drink more water today, it will help to lose weight. Bath today will also contribute to weight loss.

May 13, Friday.   Meal adhere to the following: juices, vegetable soups and tea.

May 14, Saturday.   Before doing a dinner, and after - to make a wish and dream, there is a chance that will come true.

May 15, Sunday.   Great day for sports!

May 16, Monday.   Do not consume today, starchy foods, sweet and fatty. It should be a good workout in the gym!

May 17, Tuesday.   All efforts at weight loss today, will be successful.

May 18, Wednesday.   Sports or fitness today will bear fruit in terms of weight loss.

May 19, Thursday.   Not shown baths and saunas. But cleansing facial is recommended.

May 20, Friday.   Today, let yourself have everything from what previously refused. Can!

May 21, Saturday.   Facial cleansing is now very effective, and other beauty rituals.

May 22, Sunday.   Plan a day of fasting, cleansing and cosmetic treatments for the skin. Massage is also recommended.

May 23, Monday.   Physical exercise will benefit figure.

May 24, Tuesday.   Any procedures for the feet, including pedicures, will be successful and heals.

May 25, Wednesday.   No alcohol! Refrain from fried and fatty. Mandatory walk on air.

May 26, Thursday.   Do not forget about moisturizing the skin.

May 27, Friday.   Day of relaxation and tranquility. Soothing teas and massage - Here is the schedule for today.

May 28, Saturday.   Arrange a vegetarian day. For energy replace animal protein to vegetable - mushrooms, peas, nuts, beans.

May 29, Sunday.   Any skin care, as well as visiting a beautician desirable.

May 30, Monday.   Be careful not to catch a cold.

May 31, Tuesday.   Skin cleansing is successful. Discharge day is recommended.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin