Calendar of Beauty and Health April 2011
 In this review - astrological advice on beauty, health and weight loss every day, as well as advice and warnings to those who are planning a visit to the hairdresser in April 2011.

The general state of mind:
Favorable days: 1 to 2 April, from 4 to 10 April, from 12 to 17 April, from 19 to 24 April, from 26 to 30 April (the days of the waxing moon, after the new moon and the days of the waning moon, after the full moon).

Unfavorable days: April 3, April 11, April 18, April 25 (the days of the full moon, new moon, quarter 1 and quarter 4. Be careful and cautious! Watch out for your health).

Swifts on the Moon:
Favorable days to hike to the barber: 7, 14, 17, 23, 26, 29 of April.
We do not recommend visiting the barber shop: 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 15, 18, 27, 28 of April.
 Calendar of Beauty and Health April 2011
   The most successful haircut will: 1, 10, 16, 22, 24 of April.
Better hair grow back if a haircut on April 6.

Dental recommendations:
Please refrain from visiting the dentist on April 5 April 6 April 24.

A visit to a plastic surgeon   plan for April 9, April 22.

 Calendar of Beauty and Health April 2011
 A visit to the salon for a manicure or pedicure
The most successful day -19 April.
Auspicious Day - 22 April.
Not recommended April 20.
On other days - all to be held as usual.

Calendar of beauty, health and weight loss for April:

April 1st. Friday.
Today, it is not necessary to abuse of water treatments. Not recommended fatigue and do not get too tense and nervous. Spend the day in a calm frame of mind.

April 2, Saturday.
The recommended cleaning procedures for face and body, as well as cleansing the entire body. You can schedule a fasting day.

April 3rd. Sunday.
It is recommended that a vegetarian diet.

April, 4. Monday.
Avoid coffee, chocolate, sugar. Drink more water. Follow the sight.

5th of April. Tuesday.
A great day to sit on any diet. Especially recommended vegetable diet. You can visit the salon or at home to make cleaning masks and baths for the face and body.

April 6. Wednesday.
Recommended seafood consumed in large quantities, it would strengthen health and not the date of getting fat today. Attentive to her throat!

April 7th. Thursday.
Arrange a day of rest and relaxation. For face - nourishing mask for the skin - wrap. Take a walk in the fresh air. Do not overeat! Pay particular attention to meat and fatty foods - should be abandoned altogether.

 Calendar of Beauty and Health April 2011
   April 8. Friday.
All - in the gym! A great day for serious physical exertion! Today, give a wonderful effect of exercise for health and weight loss.

April 9. Saturday.
Visit the salon or home beauty rituals are recommended.

April 10th. Sunday.
Today is the time to have a massage and try aromatherapy. This will strengthen health and nervous system. If you have problems with the stomach or digestive, today it is possible to plan a hike to a specialist, the treatment will be successful.

11 April. Monday.
Moisturize your face and body. There are problems with the stomach, it is better not to use an unfamiliar food, do not overeat.

12th of April. Tuesday.
It recommended discharge day. Better on juices, herbal tea, or a light vegetable soup. Culling is recommended and outside. Visit bath, sauna, massage shown. Plenty of water - both inside and outside.

April 13. Wednesday.
Keep water treatment and drinking plenty of water. Take a walk in the fresh air.

April 14. Thursday.
Again closely with the food - do not overload the stomach severe or unknown food. After dinner possible lack of strength, fatigue. To avoid this - until dinner sure to spend some time outdoors.

April 15th. Friday.
Do not eat a heavy meal or unknown. The evening - excellent time to work out at the fitness room, any exercise will benefit figure.

April 16. Saturday.
Sports and fitness are recommended load. The effect is guaranteed for the figure. Good will also be held on this day cleansing. Visit the salon or home beauty rituals will ever be effective.

April 17th. Sunday.
We exclude from the diet of fat and sweets. Good day to lose weight - do not overload the stomach and can lose too much.

April 18. Monday.
Perhaps the most successful day for the fight against obesity. Do not miss it! Any initiatives in this direction will be successful: the diet, fasting day, fitness, cleaning, massages, body wraps.

April 19. Tuesday.
Do not be nervous today. If you have to - drink soothing herbal teas. Displaying plenty of sleep.

20 April. Wednesday.
Today we can enjoy and, to go to your favorite coffee shop or invite a friend on the cake. If there are problems with the respiratory tract - plan a visit to a specialist, the treatment will be successful.

April 21. Thursday.
Any beauty treatments at home or in the salon shows. It recommended as massage and aromatherapy.

April 22nd. Friday.
Arrange a day of beauty. Massage, manicure, pedicure, facial cleansing, peels and massages will have a stunning effect. If you need to remove a wart or skin imperfections - feel free to go to a specialist, all succeed!

April 23. Saturday.
Chance of a breakdown. Have breakfast today denser a better start to the day - porridge with milk.

April 24th. Sunday.
Exercise and aromatherapy. Only closer to the spine!

April 25th. Monday.
Sweet now possible. For health and beauty - all that is associated with the water: a contrast shower, sauna, swimming pool, baths, rinsing.

On 26 April. Tuesday.
If you are overweight you are concerned today is to start exercising in the gym. It is better to try a completely new set of exercises is the use of weight loss.

April 27th. Wednesday.
Fasting is contraindicated! Even if you are sitting on a strict diet, possible concessions. Today we need a procedure for the legs, hair removal, pedicures, baths.

April 28. Thursday.
It is possible to catch a cold, beware of drafts and hypothermia. For face and body - nourishing treatments, masks, body wraps.

April 29. Friday.
Just a day of high-quality food and low cases. You can arrange a pajama day without make-up and styling.

April 30. Saturday.
Spend more time outdoors. Do not eat allergenic foods, citrus fruits are especially dangerous. If you have headaches, be prepared that today they are possible, please be its proven tools from them.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin