Secrets of moles
 Perhaps in the world there is no man on the body which would not be at least one mole, and that does not ask questions: where they come from, whether you want to deal with them, what's the magic of moles, which means that their location on our body? Indeed, who is right - those who believe that moles need to be afraid, or people, confident that the mole - a sign of destiny, and it can be read as a human book?

Let's look first at the question from the point of view of science. Scientists say that a mole (scientifically - "nevi") - this is the modified portions of the skin. Identified two types of moles : Vascular and nonvascular. Found on his body reddish or pinkish dots that brighten when you press? It - vascular birthmarks Or angioma. They may appear because of skin lesions. By the way, their appearance often provokes a squeezing of acne on his face, so think twice before getting "hands" to face - maybe better to go to the beautician?

Non-vascular birthmarks   We know better. This dark brown "krapushki" ("lentigo"), which look as if you sprayed paint and dark bumps ("nevus") is not more than one centimeter in diameter, some of which are hairs.

Non-vascular birthmarks can count up to a few hundred, and that's smooth to the touch, blue and giant flat moles and spots are found, fortunately, much rarer. Remember as a child, sitting in a circle, you looked with envy at the lucky ones who could boast small birthmarks on the body? This demonstration has always been shrouded in mystery and aura of mystery and you truly believed that "birthmarks" - this is some, as yet unknown and mysterious label ... But the unfortunate owners of large, convex and dark spots, covered, moreover, hair become outcasts among children and adults, overwhelmed by medieval prejudices, often shy away ...

How many times have ever listen to playgrounds and parks like mom excitedly tell each other about the sudden appearance of moles on the body of your baby! Someone with enthusiasm reveals similar spots at or with relatives on the body, the other in horror push the wheelchair to the doctor ... Moms "spotless" babies who are with anxiety who are eagerly awaiting the appearance of brown spots. Do not worry about it - according to scientists, a mole suddenly appear and disappear throughout a person's life.

Especially significant changes in the quantity and quality of moles and "birthmarks" occur in the period of rapid hormonal changes in the body - in adolescence and during pregnancy. Often we can observe the appearance of dark spots in the elderly because of reducing the amount of fluid in the cells of the skin and, as a consequence, deeper penetration of ultraviolet rays.

When to start worrying?

 Secrets of moles
   Dermatologists unanimous in answering this question - when the moles begin to grow "in width and up," ie, increase in size, becomes convex, rough, and the furnace starts to itch. Any of these symptoms - reason for the visit to the doctor, because all it says proliferation of melanocytes - the tumor cells that are exposed to sunlight may turn into cancer.

But please, not tied moles, according to popular belief, a silk thread in the hope that they will "wither", leaving only memories. Self-medication can lead to very dire consequences. Do not save money and time, and contact a qualified technician, who will make a biopsy (scraping) of skin cells and offer the option of surgery to remove education. Most popular now, methods such as electrocoagulation   (removal of moles high-frequency current) laser removal   and burning liquid nitrogen . If you have a choice, spend better electrocoagulation, because it allows you to process the deeper layers of the skin and, unlike laser, leaving barely visible scar. Note: Incomplete removal of moles can lead to its re-growth!

"Here you go! And you said that the moles are not afraid! "- You might say. But do not forget: the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. A prevention of malignant tumors is very easy : Do not overdo it, sunbathing and tanning in the tanning bed, because the longer and more powerful effects of ultraviolet radiation, the more dangerous it is for your skin. Keep in mind that white-skinned blond people to protect the body from sunlight works worse than the dark-skinned representatives of humanity. The second rule of prevention is caring for the skin areas on which there are spots, especially protruding above the surface. And be attentive to yourself at least once a month, inspect your skin for changes in the quality and appearance of age spots.

Even in the scientific community there is a perception that a violation of skin pigmentation may be a consequence of any disease of the liver, endocrine glands, and a lack of vitamins. So pay attention to their health, as melanoma currently accounts for 3-4% of all malignant tumors.

You say: "All this is interesting and instructive, but what about mystics fascinating to examine birthmarks children? Or is it just a figment of imagination of children's sort of "black-black-black home in the Black Forest"? ". Of course, like everything else in our world, the appearance and location of moles on the body and there are spots esoteric explanation . Since ancient times, all the people gave mystical significance dark spots. In ancient India believed that they have some information about the upcoming events in human life and about what these events are - bringing joy or sadness. The founder of this doctrine - Brahmagupta - defined birthmarks on the upcoming events and even the likelihood of a person threatening diseases.

In the Middle Ages it was believed that a woman has a mole in naset stamp of evil, and it was waiting for the owner of burning at the stake in case of a puncture a mole of it is not bleeding. Fortunately, in the 17th century, the researchers found the presence of moles on the face of Venus and since related to "krapushkam" body has changed dramatically, and even in vogue so-called "fly" - false birthmarks. They stuck to the face according to certain rules.

 Secrets of moles
   Eroticism and infidelity symbolized a mole on the left at the edge of the mouth. Wishes to emphasize its diplomacy and a phenomenal memory of men stuck "fly" under the left eyebrow, dreamers and travelers - on the nose. Fortune-tellers and witch adorned false face mole between his eyebrows, and women whose purpose was motherhood and generosity pasted birthmark between the upper lip and nose, and independent people celebrated "beauty spot" middle of the upper lip.

Nowadays, the most popular astrological interpretation of the location of moles   It is believed that the human body is divided into 12 zones on the number of signs of the zodiac and the presence of more or less noticeable birthmark in one of these areas to determine the dominant character, lifestyle and future events in the life of a man .  According to karmic astrologers, moles on the head define a strong personality, high self-esteem and temperament, on the neck and neck area - success in the field of finance, commerce and property, on the arms and shoulders - the ability to understand the ethics of relations .  Moles on the chest indicate predisposition of the owner to create a strong family, housekeeping and a clear outlook, the owners 'points' on the back - are creative people, able to truly love, hungry for fame and love children .  If you find a mole in his stomach, in the opinion of karmic astrology, your destiny at work, promotion, you will enjoy the comfort and follow health .  Moles on the lower back promise good luck in marriage, profitable partnerships and a strong friendship, and reproductive organs - political career, inheritance and money partners .  Marked "sign" means a tendency thigh to education, travel and patronage, knees and buttocks - career development, social advancement and discipline .  Moles on the legs from the calves to the ankles? You - a man sociable, surrounded by friends, successfully working in a team .  Moles on the feet? Get ready for testing in the life .  You - a talented and sensitive man who believes in destiny .  Also karmic astrologers claim that "happy" side of the body for men - the right, for women - left . 

But what if your entire body is literally strewn with moles all shapes and sizes? It is necessary to highlight the most prominent of them, which will speak the dominant, the others indicate a predisposition to something, and can guide the choice of life.

FROM "Birthmarks"   it all a lot easier .  They are by no means all, and their number rarely exceeds unity .  Look at the shape spots .  Cross - a bad omen in terms of mystics, he promises ordeals in life, but the owners of the five-pointed star, even irregularly shaped the destiny of stores from troubles and tribulations .  Spot like a piece of a map? You - nature untamed, vindictive, touchy and despises people .  A good sign is considered to be a spot in the form of a bird, especially on the chest - you are talented and you are waiting for the great achievements, but the flame, on the contrary, promises complication in all the difficult fate, to cope with that, but you the strength to help a loved one .  And you peculiar eccentricity and penchant for shocking .  Winners "birthmark" in the form of a cat in the Middle Ages, most likely, would wait for the sad fate - it is believed that the cat is fraught with secrecy and mystery of nature, a tendency to mysticism and magic, the ability to "jinx" any .  Outcasts might become owners of the right circle on the body of your intuition, vision, the ability to witchcraft .  These people, according to karmic astrologers lifetime experience for yourself the envy of others .  Spots, resembling a human face speaks of yearning for self-flagellation and the possibility of persecution mania, and like a puddle - the propensity to depression and the ability to doctoring .  "Light" can be called dark spots in the form of the lips, promising life with a succession of pleasant surprises, the birth of interesting and witty ideas .  Also lucky to be in the form of sun spots, foretelling the joy in everything, cheerful temperament and energy .  Holders of these spots go through life easy and fun, unlike the owners of similar stains on the elephant .  Although these people are very appreciated for their reliability in everything in life they have to seriously - the cause is an eternal struggle with himself . 

The interpretation of karmic astrologers can believe or not believe, skeptical and "keep in mind" - is a matter of personal choice for each. But do not forget that your life, its quality depends only on you. In the end, any spot or mole can be removed if their presence, shape or location of alarming.
Author: Catherine Khetagurova