Autumn cosmetics: that of the summer reserve funds?
 I enjoy the time when a new season? Certainly, yes. After all this time, new things and anticipated purchases. However, then comes some frustration: "Why do I have so much unnecessary bought? ".

We offer you a little instruction in aid: exactly what you need to buy in the fall and early winter, and it can be used from the summer stocks.

Summer foods that leave in the fall season:

- Sunscreen lotion for the face.
If you use a light summer weightless liquid sunscreen, and you have it, do not remove until next summer, use it now. Especially that the shelf life of such lotions are not as big, to use more than a year. Why do you need agent in the fall? Firstly, light protection from the sun will not hurt. And secondly, sun lotion can be used as primer before makeup. The tool makes the skin matte and will be good to keep make-up.

- Tanning.   If you have a fast-tanning (which appears after 1 hour of contact with the skin), try the following trick: Apply the product to face and body before dinner. And then rinse just before going to bed. The next morning you wake up with a slight golden skin tone, and sheets and pillowcases are clean.

- Salt spray for hair. Beach Wave, of course, the fall looks in the office is overdue. But do not forget that this tool creates a texture that can be used for the spectacular fall hairstyles. How to apply a texturizing spray the salt in the cold season? Clean dry wet hair by 80%, apply liberally salt spray and then dry the powerful jet dryer. You will get a soft, sticky wave. And that tool works for all hair types, making it wavy and fresh.

- Liquid Bronzer.   In contrast to the powder means (such as bronzer powder), liquid bronzer looks the most natural, because that leaves the skin fresh and moisturized. As part of the liquid bronzers - natural oils, which are needed to moisturize the skin in the fall. Use a liquid bronzer as blush means, means for "modeling" of a person and also as a shadow.

 Autumn cosmetics: that of the summer reserve funds?

Summer foods that should be replaced:

- Mascara.
Not that there is any special winter mascara formula, but it is a product that should be changed as often as possible, at least 1 time per season (ie 3 months). So ophthalmologists advise and make-up artists, too, agree with them. Do not take in autumn makeup mascara summer, buy a new one.

- Thermal water. The product is good for hot days or stuffy offices and sub-zero temperatures will serve not very good service. Just imagine what might happen on the surface of the skin in the cold, if there are micro-droplets of moisture. If you are used to the sensation of freshness and light shower on her face - buy wipes impregnated with oil or moisturizer. If you do not rub the person, make-up wipes are not affected.

- Lip gloss. This product can not cope with the problem of chapped lips. We need a bold lipstick. But if you do not use lipstick, in principle, there are several solutions. First, before you apply lip gloss to create base coat with Vaseline. Second, replace the lip gloss on the lip balm. Third, use lipstick and apply only top favorite summer shine.

- Tropical flavor. Of all the flavors of summer to autumn it is relevant only to the smell of marine notes. Any other summer smells, such as tropical, fruit and citrus fruits - are not flavors for the cold season. Therefore, you will find a pleasant and fragrant shopping: buying winter flavor. We strongly recommend to pay attention to the perfume with notes of wood, flowers and oriental notes.

 Autumn cosmetics: that of the summer reserve funds?

Foods that need to buy with the advent of autumn:

- Powder.
Additional protection of the skin from frost and wind can not hurt. This tool does not replace the foundation, it complements it. Easy CD you need to take with you in makeup and correct makeup during the day.

- Oil for the face and body.   Add the oil in their summer means enriching them and making money in with good moisture. Oil can be added to a night cream, foundation day means daily moisturizer and even highlighter.

- Makeup brushes.   We often hear about the importance of regular cleaning brushes. But the longer you use the same hands, the greater the chance of infection because of the old hands. It is - a good season to buy new brushes. You will need a good wide flat brush for foundation, the average flat shadow brush and round brush Kabuki Powder. If you do not like to use brushes, buy a few sponges (sponges) for applying tonal funds. They can be applied concealer wet and dry.

 Autumn cosmetics: that of the summer reserve funds?

Author: Tamara