Beautician for colds: take only one new product!
 The cold season - are the new challenges taken to deal with the help of a completely new range of cosmetics. For the skin, hair and nails, we are forced to buy a special "winter" creams, lotions, serums ... In the meantime, in order to fully address the complexity of the cold season, it is enough to buy just one very important way.

This is - oil. It will benefit from dull and dry skin, brittle nails and weak hair. Will as a standalone product or as a supplement to the usual high-quality cosmetics.

Cosmetic oil or cooking?

The first question is about what the oils in question. Indeed, in general sale can be found two types of oil: cosmetic and culinary. And the popularity of argan and avocado oil, and even olive oil, and more oil rosehip, grapeseed, sunflower, sweet almond oil - all of these oils can be in two versions, cosmetic or culinary (cooking).

So, what oil is suitable to maintain the beauty and whether you can use ordinary cooking oil for cosmetic purposes?

 Beautician for colds: take only one new product!

The difference between oils of the same name, but different purposes - rather thin, apparently it is difficult to grasp, it is the difference in the production process. Vegetable oil for cosmetics, a more thorough cleaning is done in order to remove a characteristic odor. Other than that, oddly enough, is exactly the same oil. However, hardly in oil Caudalie or The Body Shop can be fried. And not just because it is expensive. Cosmetic oils stabilized with chemicals which can not be employed in. Even if the package appears marking "100% pure product" should not use this product in the food, since its production is not recorded food standards.

As for cooking oils, such as olive oil or sunflower oil, they can be regarded as a dual-purpose oil: and the kitchen, and in cosmetics. One condition: the oil must be cold pressed, organic and eco-friendly as possible. And dermatologists recommend the use of cooking oils for the skin of the body and face - with caution.

So - choose like and can afford, and how to apply the autumn and winter, read on.

Oil - day serum for the skin

Buy a new season of argan oil. When dry and chapped skin, this oil can be used in pure form as a serum. If you've ever used the serum, then imagine what should be the scope of this tool for the skin - just a few drops. As the serum, these few drops should be applied before moisturizer, not instead of.

 Beautician for colds: take only one new product!

Oil - night cream

At night, we can not afford more fatty foods, and apply them perhaps more abundant than the full-time agent. If you replace the night cream into butter, or add a few drops of oil in the night product, we get a mega-moisturizing and exceptional softness of the skin disappear even very coarse and pigmented patches.

Oil - Facial Mask

Do you want to make a good moisturizing and softening mask? Add your favorite summer recipes with oil and get new winter product. The simplest recipe: honey + oil or yogurt + oil.

Oil - Hand Mask

Take 1 time a week a simple mask for hands, which will retain healthy skin and nails. First, soak your hands in warm milk, then put your hands on the composition of olive oil and eggs.

Oil - the new scrub

It is a simple recipe for a body, which is useful in the cold season: Mix olive oil with salt. The role of the oil can play any fat dairy products: cream or whole milk. Exfoliate the skin of the body each time taking a bath. In winter and autumn, exfoliation is no less important than in the summer.

 Beautician for colds: take only one new product!

Oil - treatment of dry scalp

If your favorite oil - it is tea tree oil, it is an excellent product for the treatment of skin irritations. It livens up your hair roots will fight dryness and even dandruff. Another useful tool for the treatment of scalp - aloe vera. Proceed complex, mix aloe vera oil and apply on the scalp 1 times in 1-2 weeks before washing the hair, about 10-15 minutes. And your hair will not be afraid of the usual winter problems such as thinning and hair loss, dry dandruff.

Oil - the protection of the hair from fading

Dehydrated hair quickly lose color and become dull. And in the winter it is also added to the problem of cold and dry air. If you add to the air conditioner a few drops (2-3 times a week), even the toughest hair become soft, bright and shiny. Dry hair oil - also a good product, but the oil of the popular brands have a very strong flavor, which means include alcohols, drying hair. Therefore, the best product for hair than "live" oil - not to find.

Oils - hydration inside

Do not think that the effect of oil is limited only by external influence. High-quality moisturizing and protection - this is the presence of oils in the diet. In winter, pay attention to the moisture inside. This means that in the winter menu must be available foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids: it is salmon, tuna, nuts, cabbage and spinach. Fill the salad vegetable oil, add the oil in other dishes.

Additional advice: autumn and winter cut the consumption of coffee. Caffeine dehydrates the skin, so replace the usual cup of coffee in the morning and in the afternoon on the herbal tea.
Author: Julia Shestakova