How to wear a colored eye liner for this fall
 You like to wear colored eyeliner summer? Be aware - the fall of the trend continues to be relevant. But we should adhere to the new rules, to the bright eye-liner did your image puppet.

The current generation of eyeliners helped to master a new trend, even for beginners. Never before working with eyeliner been this easy and fun. The line can be any: graphically and clear, blurred and hazy, creative and artistic. Try!

And to help you fall advice on how to wear a colored eyeliner:

1. Choose pencils

The most easy to use liners in the form of pencils. Choose soft, cream-colored pencils are good glide over the skin. They are much easier to paint than the liquid and gel. Correct bar by pencil more easily than from a gel product. Incidentally, cream pencil completely secured to the skin in the first 60 seconds, which means that it is easier to correct errors within one minute after application. It should also keep this in mind when you apply mascara or use powder - give first pencil to gain a foothold on the skin at least half a minute.

 How to wear a colored eye liner for this fall

Jill Stuart

2. Choose a color that suits your eyes

Unbeaten flowers at any time of the year is a universal classic shades of blue or purple. And if you want to emphasize your individuality, you can follow these recommendations:

- Cold shades liner makes eyes brighter whites. This may be a product or a pencil turquoise ultramarine color.

- If you have a green and yellow-brown eyes - the most advantageous for you to pencil a shade is a bright brown, reddish-brown, terracotta and especially copper.

- For brown eyes the most successful bright color eyeliner can be called purple or emerald.

 How to wear a colored eye liner for this fall


3. In the autumn - darker colors

Time behind the beach parties, and in the autumn it is not necessary to take the bright coral and fuchsia. The new season of darker color bright eyeliner preferred not to look like Barbie. This means that gives way to a violet eggplant and blue - cobalt.

And it is not always necessary to buy a new pencil. Try this trick. First make eyeliner intense charcoal, and on top - bright cream.

And for those who never wore a bright liner, it may be advisable to move at least a shade of chocolate brown or bronze.

 How to wear a colored eye liner for this fall


4. eyeliner make a new

Experiment with style eyeliner. In the new season topical solution are as follows: a bright eyeliner or only on the upper eyelid, or - only the bottom. The line on the lower eyelid - at the peak of popularity. With this you can do: make the arrow longer, the short bar or even just point at the center of the lower eyelid.

Alternative accommodation liner that completely surrounds the eye - it is rather a decision of the evening, not for the office. And do not forget about the inner lash line. It can also be used when it comes to color liner.

And if you want the effect of smoky eyes - Apply colored liner thicker line and quickly lubricate it with your fingertips until the formula is dry.

 How to wear a colored eye liner for this fall

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5. Neutral background

The rest of the make-up (with a bright eyeliner) do a neutral and simple. This is also a trend in the autumn, and very topical. It will last at least until next summer, so to learn the natural way need if you still have not come to this. Reduced neutral makeup the following very easy steps:

- Eyelids prepare for a make-up primer or matte neutral shades. It smoothes out the skin tone and helps to keep a good eyeliner and a bright color display.

- Apply all over the face layer super BB-cream.

- Corrector touch of dark spots, birthmarks and mask, if there are pimples or redness.

- Powdered face (T-zone).

- Highlighter highlight the high point of the cheekbones, and the inner corner of the eye.

- Under the cheekbone Apply a natural shade of cream blush, they also touch the lips.

 How to wear a colored eye liner for this fall

Author: Vasilisa Cousin