How to wear bronzer this fall
 Shimmering bronze finishing touches on his face in the autumn season, do not look natural. What to do if you liked products bronzer in the summer, and you think that they will go? Our answer: bronzer is relevant in the cold season, only need to follow certain rules of application.

1. Autumn bronzer - no glitter and shine

For hot, sunny days shiny bronzer product looked impressive and sexy. But in the autumn of this remedy is not appropriate. It should move to a matte bronzer. Do not be afraid of the phrase "matte bronzer", it does not mean that the skin will be deprived of light, precisely because of this bias, many do not like matte makeup products.

 How to wear bronzer this fall

In fact, matte bronzer has a slim low tide, in the formula contains finely-ground mother of pearl or gold particles. What should I avoid - so this is major, perceptible eye golden specks. Incidentally, cream bronzer can also refer to the opaque product if it has dimmed matting cover.

 How to wear bronzer this fall

2. Autumn bronzer - cool

Despite the fact that the shades of autumn foliage inspire orange and yellow colors, autumn bronzer should not be open-orange or golden color. It is better to choose a slightly ashy tone bronzer product. Otherwise, the face would be the effect unnatural "brick" patches.

It should be understood that in the winter and autumn our face becomes less of a warm tone, because we are less likely to emerge under the sun. Therefore, a very warm bronzer is not suitable for the cold season, it will look unnatural. Sun less in nature - and less make-up shades.

In the fall of the main part of the day we spend indoors with artificial lighting. This means that a well pigmented bronzer will look even brighter than the palette. Therefore, preference is given to a muted color bronzer, especially during the day. For evening make-up can be used and shimmering summer product.

 How to wear bronzer this fall

3. Autumn bronzer - in combination with a highlighter

In autumn all the switches to make more dramatic shades: rich berry-colored lipstick, precious shades of eyeshadow. What you need to skin looked fresh and radiant when using such rich colors and matte bronzer? Product must-have, which will show a matte bronze in the best possible way - it highlighter (marker lyuminayzer). Make small patches on the inner corners of the eyes, in the center of the century at the top of cheekbones - is all that is necessary for the harmonious makeup.

 How to wear bronzer this fall

4. Autumn bronzer - for sculpting the face

If summer bronzer powder helps to give the face a smooth tanned skin tone, then the fall of bronzer will work as a means for adjusting the shape of the face.

First apply foundation or toning moisturizer to achieve an even skin tone. After take bronzer brush and a round dome-shaped (like a kabuki brush or a large brush for blush). Apply bronzer along the hairline (on the forehead and temples), around the cheeks, chin and along the chin. You can narrow down your nose or visually "shorten" it, putting bronzer on the wings and the nose tip.

The ideal color of bronzer to use it as a product skulpturiruyuschego - 2 shades darker than the natural color of the skin. Another tip: if you are new to konturinge (so-called art of adjustment of the face via tone), use cream or liquid bronzer formula. Cream product is easier to remedy. In this sense, a good alternative may become darker foundation.

 How to wear bronzer this fall

5. Autumn bronzer - in harmony with the rest of your makeup

Even coldish and subdued shade bronzer - it's still warm color product. Try it and other colors to choose makeup in the same vein. For example, pearl or "frosty" lipstick will look weird with warm cheeks. Eye shadow should be generally darker bronzer. Eyebrows should be filled pencil or shadow that shone through the hairs are not lighter skin than on the cheeks.

Bronzer - season product makeup - makeup artists say. Fashion show is confirmed: see bronzer products are widely used make-up artists not only for the summer shows. Try it and you will not leave with a bronze powder all year.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin