Moisturize the skin: this is particularly important in autumn!
 In the autumn should pay more attention to skin hydration than in the summer. Firstly, the air becomes drier and colder, and the wind - stronger. And secondly, this season prepares the skin for the most aggressive time - winter. And if the skin is saturated with moisture and oils, you may be able to avoid it this time, dryness and flaking, which frequently do not save even winter fatty creams, it is because the skin needs time to tune in to the new season.

When buying new items, do not forget about the time-tested tools

The desire to try a new cream or lotion clear. Modern manufacturers know what we have to draw: bright advertising, promising effect, innovative formula. However, the pursuit of expensive drugs and prestigious brands often plays a cruel joke with us. In the pursuit of innovation, we forget about the direct appointment of the product.

And no matter how science has advanced, yet remains immutable list of ingredients that really work to retain moisture in the skin, which is familiar to many and often simple ingredients:
- Glycerol
- Urea
- Hyaluronic acid,
- Vaseline.

Moisturizers with these ingredients not only moisturize, but even repair damaged cells in the stratum corneum of the skin, and this is another argument in favor of simple tools with proven efficacy.

 Moisturize the skin: this is particularly important in autumn!

Apply moisturizer to damp skin

Moisturizer should be applied when the skin is still damp after washing, until the water has evaporated. When the temperature outside begins to drop significantly, it will have to apply moisturizer over wet skin for at least half an hour or 40 minutes before going home.

For very dry skin practice 1 time per week the following method: to damp skin cream to put a thin, damp cotton cloth, and on top - a dry cloth. Leave for a time from 15 minutes to 1 hour. This method allows the skin to literally "drink" water. You will see good results after the first treatment and the skin is well prepared for the dry season.

Moisturizer can not be replaced

The rule to remember forever. Many so addicted to serums, oils or creams treating acne, they think that these funds are replaced moisturizer. And this is a mistake. All the extra money - it means that complement the moisturizer These tools include, first of all, cream or serum to the skin around the eyes, healing creams or ointments for acne, anti-aging serum, facial oil. Nothing keeps the moisture in the skin, in addition to the usual moisturizer. For oily skin buy cream without oil, and dry, on the contrary, you can use creams, oil-based.

 Moisturize the skin: this is particularly important in autumn!

New season - new tools on the shelf in the bathroom

New principles of hydration of the skin begin in the bathroom. Carefully inspect the means that you use. Chances are, most of them need to be replaced.

1.   All means of gel with the arrival of autumn is best replaced by creamy and opaque texture. Conventional soap and dry your skin gels, creams and oils contain more or less aggressive towards the skin. Check your cleanser as well as scrubs and lotions. They need to be more like a cream than gels.

2.   Scrubs, which effectively helped to exfoliate the skin in summer, autumn can only hurt the skin. Running tasks exfoliation radically different from autumn. If the skin is dried up by the summer sun and sea water (or chlorinated), then the new season skin is suffering from the cold and temperature changes. Remove from the bath abrasive exfoliant and moisturizing scrub to replace oil-based.

3.   The gradual transition to a more greasy moisturizer. At first it will be a new night cream, but with the arrival of freezing temperatures and adding fat day cream. These tools provide a powerful skin barrier that reduces water loss outer layer of the skin.

4.   Protect your lips. Summer shine insufficient to meet the new challenges. Go to the lip balm oil-based.

5.   Do not forget to protect your hands. Already, buy more often and start to apply a moisturizing hand cream. This will help ensure a soft and elastic skin of hands for the whole winter.

6.   Change invigorating and cooling to warming fragrance. Best of all, in general the winter to give up moisturizers and cleansers with fragrances. But it is not always possible: the market is not a lot of money with absolutely no odor. A pity, because the smaller the fragrance - the less the effect of drying agents. There is a way - look for the new "winter" scents: citrus and fruit clean until the summer, and now buy yourself tools with warm aromas, for example, such as vanilla, cocoa nut.

 Moisturize the skin: this is particularly important in autumn!

New season - new type of skin

Do not be surprised: the skin is really in different seasons can change its type. Summer releases more oils and fats, and in the fall becomes drier. It turns out that in the summer you liked how the means for normal skin, and in the fall, possibly this product may not be enough, and should seek remedy for dry skin.

How do I know if changing your skin type from season to season? Just take a closer Treat yourself and examine your skin right now. If summer means no longer meet - it is a direct signal to think about the possible change.

Make your schedule

With the arrival of autumn to daily care added additional procedures such as a face mask or bath, and some are less (peeling). In order not to get confused and do not be nervous, remembering when the last time you did some procedure - Make a simple graph (in the mind or on paper). For example, the mask schedule for Saturday and warming bath - on Sunday, exfoliation - on Tuesday. Then the transition to the new season will take place very easily.

Add moisturizing cuticles

Your retirement should appear one more product to moisturize: oil for cuticles. It will help keep your nails healthy and strong. And do not forget to massage oil not only in the cuticle on his hands, and legs. This should be done several times a week, then get excellent protection at the time of the autumn-winter season.
Author: Julia Shestakova