Leather, like Angelina Jolie? Easily!
 Have you ever wondered what makes Angelina Jolie one of the most beautiful women in the world? What's the secret? In any case, one of its components - its amazing skin. To become a bit like her, do not spend their days in front of a mirror with an arsenal of cosmetics, to go under the surgeon's knife, or run to the tattoo parlor. There are a number of nice and affordable attraction secrets of Angelina Jolie. Interesting? Then read on!

Star secrets

Caring for skin, Angelina Jolie never Do not use soap Preferring lotions. Required point - applying sunscreen.

A worthy place in the care of a person Angelina Jolie takes Dermaroller ™   - Electric priborchik spiked with needles. Thanks to him, stimulated the process of skin renewal. In the arsenal of the actress also has a roller body. Yes, do not go for the sake of beauty!

The actress does not use anything but natural cosmetics . The secret to a perfect complexion and glowing skin groomed Angelina Jolie - a special cream La Prairie Manufactured on the basis of sturgeon caviar. Of course, this cosmetic product is quite expensive, but what a result! Fats and proteins contained in it, have a tremendous effect on the skin of the actress, makes it incredibly beautiful and elastic.

 Leather, like Angelina Jolie? Easily!

Useful tips:

1. Before applying the cream should definitely clear skin face and body of toxins.

2. For the best effect is to apply the wraps.

3. Cream should ideally be located on the skin for at least 3 hours.
Engorged skin, Angelina Jolie gets her light tinted cream with a SPF-factor of at least 20, and gently distributes it a little pat with fingertips.

The final step - a great face powder with a soft brush. Actress to use this shimmering loose powder. Under the cheekbones Angelina Jolie gets a gentle, almost imperceptible blush and carefully shade them up.

Prescription anti-cellulite scrub by Angelina Jolie

As she believes it is very important in a complex of other measures. Prepare it simple:

1. Take 4 tablespoons of olive oil.

2. Add a cup of freshly ground coffee.

3. Apply it just needs a clean and moisturized skin, carefully massaging problem areas for 10 minutes.

4. Rinse with applied means warm some water, pat the skin with a towel.

5. Apply a moisturizer with olive oil.

6. Repeat all this 2 times a week.

In some conversations, the actress did not hesitate skin tightening. But she argues that the preservation of her youth and beauty owes nothing more than how Plazmolifting . Often this procedure is called a bloody cocktail, as for the ongoing subcutaneous injection taken specially treated blood from a vein of the patient. This technique helps to rejuvenate the skin as the face and neck and neck area, smooth out fine wrinkles, get rid of acne.

 Leather, like Angelina Jolie? Easily!

Lip care - is sacred!

Of course, a great role played by natural gifts, but using little tricks you can achieve exciting effects! Care of the lips at the famous actress includes several stages.


1. Gently rub the lips with a toothbrush or use a gentle scrub, prepared on the basis of sugar.

2. Apply the balm with vitamin E.

3. To give expressive lips, Angelina Jolie emphasizes the contour of the lips with a pencil of light natural color, and then does a little lipstick brush, and sometimes over it adds a bit of a glossy shine. The lips look plump and expressive.

And remember:

1. An important detail: beautiful skin as sure a famous actress, necessarily requires quitting.

2. Another important point - the food. It is useful to add to your diet garlic and ginger root.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya