Maria Shukshin: "For the beauty of a woman is capable of a lot! "
 Russian actress and TV presenter, Maria Shukshin, gave an exclusive interview to, which shared the secrets of her beauty and create an individual style.

1. Mary, whether you use folk remedies self-care? If so, could you share with our readers some recipes?

My assistant for health and beauty - natural remedies based on herbs and plants, I love the different syrups with vitamins, useful collection of medicinal plants, including herbal teas, such as chamomile and tea with thyme. When my children were small, I bathed them in the bath with the addition of succession, it is very useful. If we talk about a particular recipe, this "mess of beauty": the recipe is simple - oatmeal, yogurt, dried fruit pour a few hours and a lovely breakfast ready. Well cleanses the body and, by the way, uplifting, because in Hercules is the hormone of happiness, and it is a scientifically proven fact.

2. What are the main notes are part of your favorite fragrance?

Generally, I like the smell of cinnamon apple and amber. I prefer bitter sweet, spicy, herbal flavors.

3. You absolutely extraordinary, white smile. What helps care for your teeth?

Now more and more people are returning to natural natural remedies as for medicinal purposes, and in the daily care of themselves. That is why I choose to rinse Colgate Altai Herbs   - A mandatory element of care for those who follow the oral health. Toothpaste Colgate Altai Herbs   It connects with an effective herbal extracts and calcium fluoride to strengthen teeth and gums healthy.

4. The situation is familiar to many: You fell asleep in the morning and have to get up early, while looking great. How, then, comes Mary Shukshin?

If possible, I try to respect, but due to the busy schedule does not always coincide with the possibilities of desire. For those moments in my arsenal is now a huge number of different teas for all sorts of occasions, including tonic. They are great help to cheer up, give energy.

5. In your opinion, can a woman known afford to go public without makeup? Do you always use make-up in real life?

In his free days, I do not use decorative cosmetics to give skin a break.

6. Have you ever had in his youth idols - women, in which you really want to be like?

Lyubov Orlova

7. The most unusual and expensive beauty treatments in your life was ...

I apparently it has not been :)

 Maria Shukshin: "For the beauty of a woman is capable of a lot! "

8. Do you limit yourself in food? Stick to any special diet?

The only way Plesetskaya Maya said - "Do not eat." For me, of course, the food - it is galling stress. I try to stick to a diet, especially when I have the right incentives such as the role which it is necessary to look good. Strict rules in the food I do not accept, just to observe the fast. And when I began to observe fasting many years ago, I noticed a trend of weight loss during the post: when you do not eat meat - grow thin. In general, I omnivorous, like all the cuisines of the world, I like to try everything.

9. Say "Beauty requires sacrifice." Indeed, many beauty treatments are quite painful (for example, hair removal), while others require strength and endurance (sport), others just do it because it's so accepted. And what a sacrifice you would not go for the sake of beauty? What you do not like to do to maintain the veneer?

To me, a professional need to look after themselves, for their health, appearance, beauty. I am not against modern methods in cosmetology. With age occurs the dehydration of the skin and it needs some care. Periodically I did mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid, these procedures are very good moisturize and nourishes the skin. But there is a minus, within 3 days after the procedure there are traces. Due to the busy schedule of filming, and I do not have these 3 days of recovery, and this is the biggest disadvantage.

For the beauty of a woman is capable of much, but better than no casualties. The concept of the veneer to me there are more internal.

10. Mary, you are a real Russian beauty. Bright Slavic appearance to help you, as an actress, in creative activity, or vice versa interfere?

I'm always open to everything new, but with regards to the color of hair, unfortunately, I can not radically change its image. This is primarily related to my work in the program "Wait for Me" on the First Channel, I have no right to change the hair color. I wanted to change the color of hair for the role in the series "The village", I talked about this with the producers, but then she decided that change color every time for different roles and transmission - a load of hair, so I decided to abandon the idea. Of course tired all the time to go in one way. But on the other hand, the length of hair allows all the time to do different hairstyles that often helps me in different roles.

Mary, thank you very much for your answers!
Author: Anna Shustrova