6 ways to improve metabolism
 The highest metabolic rate observed in the mornings. But we need a good metabolism throughout the day. Try to follow these simple guidelines to metabolism works equally well during the day.

1. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains   - These are the three components that are desirable at every meal, because these things stimulate digestion. And the presence of fat in food causes the body to burn calories to 10% more.

2. Protein   requires more energy in the digestion, metabolism activates its processing. This protein meals keeps you feeling full for a long time, so do not forget, too, that the protein must be present in your diet.

3. Exercise before meals . Before every meal, whether lunch or snack, do 20 push-ups and more. Such intense exercise helps burn more calories than usual (200 calories per day), make the metabolism work better. In addition, it ensures that you will burn fat and not muscle mass.

4. Green tea . Green tea contains antioxidants (catechins), which increase metabolism by 4%, which allows you to burn an additional 80 calories every day.

5. Water . Drink plenty of water throughout the day. This helps to avoid dehydration, which slows down the metabolism.

6. Get rid of stress . Busy schedule and constant concentration of slow metabolism. Try to learn to relax and rest. Studies have shown that continuous work, sitting at a computer for an hour or more, reduce the ability of fat-burning enzymes by as much as 90%! Sitting at the table and meditate - not the best solution. For the rest follows every hour to get up from the table, and at least 5 minutes to dance, move, or practice yoga.
Author: Julia Gnedina