BB-Cream vs. CC-cream vs.tonalny cream
 Which of these three products should be selected to have an even skin tone, prevent the signs of aging and have a radiant skin.

BB-Cream, CC-cream foundation - every product is designed for different tasks. Find out which product is right for you.

For whom is suitable BB-Cream.
- If the skin is prone to irritation.   BB-cream helps hide the redness, but also has the ability to reflect light, making the appearance of the skin glowing. It does not clog pores and keeps the skin moisturized.

- When the first signs of aging.   BB-cream appeared hides the signs of aging and prevents new ones. It retains the skin's elasticity, shiny youthful appearance.

- If the skin is prone to acne,   especially red pimples and blackheads. BB-cream should be applied in an even layer all over the face, and then further mask the tops of pimples concealer.

- For teenage skin.   BB-Cream provides weightless coverage, it is easy to use and it does not leave the "effect of the cake." The presence of SPF helps protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun, and it is a good defense if you do not use sunscreen and do not like a lot of makeup on her face.

For whom is suitable CC-cream.
- If the former irritation and rough skin spots left , Spotted, not homogeneous. CC-cream is designed to align the skin tone, it makes it much more effective than other means.

- If the skin from the age pigment spots.   CC-cream can not only even out skin tone instantly, but also works in the long run, improves skin tone over time after repeated use.

- If there are signs of aging.   Anti-aging properties of CC-cream helps the skin to fill wrinkles and a little cut (due to the content in the cream of good wetting agents and peptides).

For whom is suitable foundation.
- If you need full coverage of skin . If you are used to cause appreciable layer of tonal resources all over the face, the foundation for you. However, it does not offer the advantages are with the BB and CC. Therefore, foundation, rather, for women with normal and problem skin.

- For mature skin   suitable release form - a fluid or mousse. For young skin - cream or liquid foundation.

- Check that the foundation was composed of SPF To keep skin young for a long time.
Author: Julia Gnedina