Can I use an ordinary lead pencil makeup?
 Most treat it as a curiosity, but they sketch pencils, used by artists can be useful not only for the masterpieces on cardboard.

It turns out, you can use a soft pencil for eyebrows. Just need a really soft, it is called the sketch pencil. If we are in our lives are often faced with the soft pencil marked "2B", these pencils are indicator "8B".

 Can I use an ordinary lead pencil makeup?

Here's how it looks: at the top - the usual eyebrow pencil at the bottom - a pencil sketch graphite.

 Can I use an ordinary lead pencil makeup?

As can be seen, graphite pencil looks even more natural. Who has ever painted such a pencil, I know that it really leaves little trace of cream, it's not a simple office pencil. And you can shake off the excess brush for eyebrows.

Of course, the question arises whether it is harmful to the skin. Non-toxic if a pencil artists? The composition of a graphite pencil sketch is pretty simple: natural wax, clay and graphite. None of these ingredients is not dangerous.

So - the artist was lucky, they can sometimes something from his arsenal and makeup applied)))) Of course, we are unlikely to exchange the good quality eyebrow pencil from your favorite brands to sketch graphite pencils 8B.
Author: Julia Gnedina