Do you need a primer?
 As soon appeared on the market for this product premakiyazha, many reacted with skepticism to it. Indeed, why do we need another layer on the face, clog pores? But today, the skeptics clearly diminished.

The primer acts as a skin primer matting, dispels wrinkles, makes pores less visible. It allows women to go without powder, so do not always hold conversations that primer - it is an additional hard layer on the face.

However, despite the fact that this product has the magical properties, it is necessary to apply quite a bit. The minimum amount - on the T-zone, in the fine lines around the eyes and mouth. This will allow a good foundation to glide over the skin and does not accumulate in areas of folds and wrinkles. Ingredients allowing the skin to retain gloss and smooth out - this silicone polymers and minerals (such as talc, zinc oxide, silica, clay). But do not be afraid of so many chemical compounds. They are necessary, and are in such modern and popular means both BB and CC creams, which also serve as a primer.

It should be noted that the presence of silicone in the primers do not fit all. This applies to skin prone to acne and acne. Because silicones are believed to clog the pores, which leads to acne. The solution is available! There primers silicone-free, a new generation of primers, pay attention to them. They are based on mineral powders, starches, and natural waxes. They work just as primers with silicone - fill wrinkles, aligned pores. And is intended primarily for those who suffer from acne.
Author: Julia Gnedina