Hand cream ... not just for hands
 Many take a hand cream with you: put it in her purse, are in the glove compartment of the car, in the desk drawer. Did you know that it is a versatile product with multiple ways to use?

What else can help you a regular hand cream?

1. Softens the skin of the feet. If you do not have at hand the means to the legs or body lotion, it will replace the hand cream.

2. Removes static electricity. Clothing and hair cease to be electrified if you have a hand cream. Apply a small amount of cream in the palm of your hand and run her hands over her hair, as well as tights, remove the tension in such a way on the back of the skirt.

3. to tame unruly hair. If some hair knocked out of the hair, bad fit - their smooth palm coated with hand cream.

4. style your hair. Hand Cream can be used as a modeling lipstick styling short hair. Will the cream for hair with a wave. If by the end of the day curls began to stand out individual strands, put the palm of hand cream and re-shape arms curls.

5. Treats nail cuticle. If you have dry cuticles, apply a thicker layer of cream for hands (this applies nails and hands, and feet).

6. Works as a shaving cream. If you notice that after the shaver skin is too dry, try your shaving cream to add a moisturizing hand cream. The result will see immediately.
Author: Julia Gnedina