Lip gloss ... not just lip
 You like to experiment? Then, for sure, we have already tried to apply eye shadow - on the lips, foundation for the face - on his hands, and lipstick - forever. And how you can use the lip gloss?

There are a few ideas:

• For hair.   If the hairs are sticking out in different directions, pushatsya - use a regular lip gloss to tame unruly hair. Better transparent shine, but you can color, the hair color no one would notice. Only apply not to the roots, and at the end! Best of all, this trick works on colored hair.

• For eyes.   It is possible to use on the eyelids as a primer. But pure pink gloss will give eyelids moist and fresh look. Suit shades of pink, pinks, beige, brown. Gloss is better to take a translucent or transparent. Apply on the eyelid with your finger and distributed throughout the upper eyelid.

Another idea - to revive the eye liner. You can paint with a brush to the line liner near the lash line, lip gloss. And on top of the same brush apply glitter or bright shade. It will turn a festive bright image. A lip gloss helps to keep products and making them more saturated hue.

• For the cheeks.   Lip gloss is easy to turn into a blush. But one bad luster shaded and distributed. It must be mixed in the palm of your hand with a moisturizer and then apply on the cheek. A transparent lip gloss can act as a highlighter on the cheeks, apply a short bar (or two), and drive into the skin with fingertips.
Author: Julia Gnedina