What size shoe do you wear?
 One study conducted in the UK, concluded that almost half of all women and a third of the men are wearing the wrong shoe size (published in The Wall Street Journal).

Among the consequences: swelling of the legs, fatigue, leg pain, bone growth, and even back pain. The solution is simple - to determine the right size of your feet.

 What size shoe do you wear?

Measure both feet should be: is that the legs may be of different size.

With regard to the completeness (or the width of the foot), most often in the size of the figure is not specified, but it is understood (see. As a result, standard). But there are models with less than the standard width (time resolution is indicated by the letter A). There is also a model for the wider foot, and then the size S. Doubling or tripling the letter (for example, the size 37AA or 38SSS) indicates that the width of the foot is changed more in relation to the standard.

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Author: Julia Gnedina