2 ways to increase the lips using cinnamon
 Full lips - a sign of youth and sexuality. Therefore, one can understand the desire of many women to increase the lips. We invite you to try simple recipes lip augmentation using cinnamon.

You need cinnamon powder. You can buy or make it yourself, cut 2-3 cinnamon sticks.

Cinnamon tight on the skin of the lips and slightly "inflate" the lips, it is a reaction of the skin on the lips as a spice in a small swelling. Some skin irritation while it is also possible, so the first try of the skin reaction to cinnamon.

Method 1.
It's quick and easy method. Only 2 minutes - and you have to see whether the results.

- The lips should be clean and dry.
- Apply a thin layer of any lip balm or petroleum jelly.
- Using a clean brush, apply a lip cinnamon powder, gently massaging and rubbing it into the skin of the lips.
- Leave the powder on the lips 30-60 seconds, depending on the sensitivity of the skin.
- A damp cloth gently wipe the lips.
- Apply a moisturizing balm and enjoy plumper lips.

 2 ways to increase the lips using cinnamon

Method 2.
This method involves the creation of its own balm plump lips. It can be stored (in a refrigerator), take with you and use during the day when you brush and cinnamon unavailable.

Ingredients: petroleum jelly, lipstick choice, almond oil (2-3 drops), cinnamon. At the same time, you can use cinnamon powder, and it is possible - cinnamon oil. On request - a few drops of any essential oil for fragrance.

- Melt the jelly in the microwave and lipstick (just 60 seconds). Stir.
- Add to the mixture of cinnamon oil (few drops) and almond oil. If using cinnamon powder, it would take 2 pinches. Cinnamon should be very finely ground, powdery.
- Mix the ingredients.
- Put the mixture into a clean jar and use the balm during the day.

 2 ways to increase the lips using cinnamon
So looks balm on the lips

Author: Julia Gnedina