3 face masks anti-stress
 We are exposed to stress every day. And our skin too. Stress causes acne, inflammation, redness. Getting rid of stress and fatigue in a relaxing bath, or with a book in their hands, and help your skin "come to life." We offer to do three simple anti-stress prescription.

Preparation of each mask will take you no more than 5 minutes. They should be cast only on clean skin. And leave for a few minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Anti-stress mask № 1. Brown sugar and milk.
Brown sugar acts as a natural facial scrub, which helps to exfoliate your face and get rid of fatigue.

Mix the ingredients in a bowl for the mask 3 teaspoons brown sugar, a tablespoon of milk and a spoonful of your favorite moisturizer and a little honey.

 3 face masks anti-stress

Anti-stress mask № 2. Oatmeal.
Oatmeal - a great relaxation ingredient mask with oatmeal is suitable even for very sensitive skin and allergic.

Mix oatmeal with honey, add a little milk. This structure helps to stimulate blood circulation and relieve stress. Make sure to use flakes that do not scratch the skin!

 3 face masks anti-stress

Anti-stress mask № 3. Green tea.
Green tea - a favorite among all the ingredients of stress. He gets rid of dark circles under the eyes, enriches the skin with antioxidants. Fill the bags of green tea with hot water, and when they have cooled down, wipe them tired skin for 2-3 minutes.

You can also add green tea to your normal detergent to each washing for you to become an anti-stress.

 3 face masks anti-stress

Author: Julia Gnedina