How long keeps hair color?
 Every woman at least once in life thought about changing hair color. And the main issue: How much will all this take? Answer - see below.

The result depends on the type of dye and dye staining method.

- Highlights. In this painting clarified some strands. Plus the fact that the sharp boundary unstained roots after no regrowth. This means that the next trip to the hairdresser can be postponed for 6 or even 7 weeks.

- Full (permanent) staining. This method provides complete staining of hair, sometimes with drastic change color. But most of the women are painted in colors 2 shades lighter or darker than natural. At full coloring you have to go to the hairdresser every 3-5 weeks, depending on how dramatic selected color changes. It is worth noting that it is quite expensive, but you can try to save if your master (or you) can make a so-called T-staining (this is staining the roots only in the middle of the head and on the line from one ear to the other).

- Semi-permanent coloring. Paints such a coloring does not contain ammonia or peroxide, is painting a painting, that is, makes the hair a little darker, but lighter. Otkrashivanie tint with special shampoos wash off after 8-10 procedures shampooing. On average, it is from 2 to 6 weeks.

Stain resistance also depends on other factors: the speed of hair growth, the quality of the shampoo, sun protection.

You dye your hair? What methods and paints are using and how much you lasts staining?
Author: Julia Gnedina