Is it possible to exfoliate your skin every day?
 What happens if you use a part of the composition for chemical peeling and mechanical exfoliation to use (for example, such as the Clarisonic brush and Olay Pro-X)? It does not hurt whether it's skin?

The answer is given Elena Marmur dermatologist from New York clinic Marmur.

Elena says that three days a week for such a procedure as an exfoliation - is enough. Even with oily or acne-prone skin exfoliation is not an everyday procedure, but keep the pores clean for such skin is the main point of departure.

"Dead cells will flake off the skin, in any case, the use of pads, scrubs, brushes, as well as glycol compounds, can only help the process. And this is especially important with age when cell renewal slows down. "

On the other hand, a dermatologist believes that daily brushing effect acting as a massage, increases blood circulation. Brushes are not dangerous for everyday use, since you can choose soft options that are not abrasive exfoliation process.

 Is it possible to exfoliate your skin every day?
Power Clarisonic brush and Olay Pro-X

And it is worth to warn that the simultaneous use of physical methods of exfoliation, and chemical (retinoids, alpha or beta gidrokisloty) undesirable. In this case, even a soft brush may cause irritation, burning, redness and dryness of the skin.

Decision . Try to vary the methods of exfoliation, the skin feel comfortable. For example, wash your skin with a brush on Mondays and Thursdays. A glycolic peel do on Saturdays. Then, 4 days a week will relax the skin that protects it from irritation.
Author: Julia Gnedina