Is it worth it to brush your teeth immediately after coloring products?
 This question is answered dentist from New York Nancy Rosen. By coloring the products it carries red wine, tea, coffee, fruit. But not only these products are harmful to tooth enamel. It is worth paying attention to the acidic food and drinks.

To include acidic white wine, fruits and juices (especially the pineapple, tomato, any citrus), carbonated drinks.

The main defense against the impact of acid and food coloring can be a toothbrush and toothpaste. But do not hurry to run to the bathroom immediately after a glass of wine - warns dentist. If you start to brush your teeth immediately after acidic foods, the brush will be friction as if to drive the acid in the tooth enamel. The same can be said about when you eat fruit or drink coffee immediately after the glass of sour juice. Staining will happen even more.

Where is the exit? Known as the dentist recommends a glass of plain water assistance. Water to drink after the acid or coloring of the product, this will dilute the concentration of the acid and pigment. Wait half an hour, and only then brush your teeth. Even better, if you can rinse your mouth with water after noxious products.

Do not forget about chewing gum without sugar. It helps stimulate the production of saliva, which neutralizes the acid in the mouth.

Source: New York Times
Author: Julia Gnedina