Makeup for the office: 5 common mistakes
 Makeup is a part of office dress code. There are companies where the presence meykapa - one of the basic requirements for the appearance of employees. For example, Vyacheslav Zaitsev does not allow female employees of his fashion house to come to work not painted.

However, the requirement to wear make-up every day does not mean that every style is suitable for office. What mistakes in makeup for the office should be avoided?

1. Wrong tone. Keep in mind that most of the offices of the cold artificial lighting. A foundation has to be applied at home, when the lamp with a warm light in the natural or street lighting. So advice: try the foundation at that light, what do you have in the office. Come to the aid probes. A second piece of advice: buy a warm foundation for the office. If the lighting is cold, when cold creams face will be dead. Animates the face can bronzer blush or bronzer powder.

Second mistake - this is a clear boundary between the face and neck. This flaw is easy to fix: shade foundation to the neck.

2. Too saturated Smoky Eye. Style Smoky Eye Makeup in office lighting can create an unexpected effect of tired eyes and dark circles under the eyes. Even if you want to saturated makeup, try to avoid black and shades of coal, it is better to use brown.

3. Too dark blush. Better bright than dark. The dark shade of blush in artificial light really sharpens facial features, making it harsh and rigid.

4. A lot of sequins. Moisturized and radiant skin - it does not mean sparkling sequins or glitter. At office lighting shimmering particles will shine very much, even blikovat, this image is more suitable for the disco, but not for business communication with colleagues.

5. Excessive attention to make-up. If you several times an hour remove an beautician, too often look in the mirror, lipstick, make-up and straightens her hair - it's annoying colleagues, distracting you from your work, creates a non-working atmosphere. Freshen make the best in the toilet, and it is not necessary to do this several times a day.

And another tip: carry wipes for removing make-up, they can be easy to correct any defect in the make-up.
Author: Julia Gnedina