Secrets applying mascara
 Not so long ago our site conducted a survey, and the question "Without what of cosmetics you can not do? "We have received the following answers: no mascara - 31%, without eyeliner - 13%, without lipstick - 12%, without powder - 15%. As you can see, mascara - the absolute leader in make-up. Therefore, do not be amiss to recall the basic rules applying mascara.

1. Apply mascara after shadows and eyeliner. Mascara should be the last step in the procedure make-up. A better way: first the shadows, then eyeliner and then mascara. If this order is disturbed, we get lumps, oiled and sloppy appearance.

2. Curling lashes before applying mascara should be. Otherwise, the eyelashes may simply collapse.

3. Apply mascara (on the upper lashes) as follows: starting from the base of the eyelashes from the bottom, put the brush back and with a little effort zigzag movements conducting brush the tips of the lashes. Then place the brush and the base of the lashes, but from above, and lightly pull up the tips of the lashes. This will help to avoid lumps.

4. Apply mascara on the lower lashes, it will open your eyes visually. Keep an eye brush perpendicular (vertical), and easy passage of cilia back and forth.

5. Carcasses need to put a little bit. Quantities which keeps brush, is sufficient for a single layer. If you are not satisfied with the result after a single layer, you can paint over the lashes once more, the second layer.

6. Brush should not accumulate a lot of mascara, otherwise there will be lumps. If you see that the ink lies unevenly may have accumulated on the brush a lot of excess product. Then take a clean cloth and remove the ink completely with brush.

7. Use waterproof mascara only to those cases where it is needed (beach, pool, party). This mascara is difficult to remove from eyelashes, or require special tools, so it is best not to use water-resistant products unnecessarily and make-up remover should always be complete and thorough, to avoid infections and irritations.
Author: Julia Gnedina