Going to the spa? What to do before, during and after the procedure
 Finally, we choose the time to go for a massage or body wrap? Learn how to get the most pleasure from salon treatments: what to do before, during and after the spa.

- Eat an hour before the procedure. A full stomach - these are some inconveniences. But the feeling of hunger to anything. Light snack can be made immediately before the massage, but the main meal to pass an hour or 90 minutes before the procedure.

- Come to the salon in advance. Better - about 15 minutes before the scheduled time. During this time, you can easily change clothes, put on a bathrobe and slippers. Some salons are pleased to its clients, even arrived 30-45 minutes before the procedure, at such institutions have something to offer - from fruit bar to aromatherapy and Jacuzzi. Good interior - an interesting place.

- If you go for a massage, the procedure will become more pleasant and helpful when the body is warmed up.   Think about it: you may need to order a half-hour in the sauna or steam room before a massage? But do not go to the sauna or other heat treatments after the massage table!

- Do not forget to mention about their diseases or health problems before beginning any procedure . Especially should be warned, if you are pregnant - experts will remove harmful odors and change tactics work.

- Undress completely or not - "is at the discretion of the guest" - So say many spas. Luxury spas and good places offer disposable underwear to wear it during the procedure's Skin. But if the salon does not have its own laundry, you still can not get one to undress.

- Do not be afraid to tell you if something exciting during the procedure. The specialist will tell whether it is possible pain. If you feel worse - too should say this - often increased pressure from customers and experts to stop the process, will have first aid.

- Drink water. Any massage increases blood flow and stimulates the blood circulation, the body lacks moisture, so it is necessary to drink after treatments.

- Snack. Many treatments accelerate digestion and blood circulation, so you need a small snack after the cabin. After the massage is well filled and restore electrolytes.

- Stay warm. If the salon allows - it is better for a while after the procedure to be in a warm place to relax and warm up. Either make sure that as soon as possible to get home and relax in the comfort and warmth.
Author: Julia Gnedina