6 lessons, which is scheduled for the end of winter
 If the frost raging force you to while away the evening at the four walls, the monotony gradually develops into depression, apathy and provoke a breakdown. Perhaps you remember the time has come to bring the pleasure of wellness treatments ?!

Especially those that help not only enhance physical fitness, but also to "awaken" the body, feel the rush of fresh energy and converts externally.

So, to life again began to take bright colors - we will not wait until the first thaw. After all, you can simply gather the strength to force myself to break away from the cup of tea (and the computer) ... and start to enjoy the winter (as directly as a child), making every day new plans. And to include in them, of course, what is good for the body.

I propose a short list of those activities that are required of each of us in the last few weeks of winter frosts. Needed, first of all, in order to mentally prepare for the spring awakening of nature.

 6 lessons, which is scheduled for the end of winter
 1. Hardening
... In its various manifestations, it helps increase resistance to colds, prepare the body for seasonal weather changes. In addition, some of the techniques of hardening a positive effect on the skin condition (allowing you to retain her youth) and give positive emotions.

The easiest way to adapt to the low temperature is considered normal ventilation of premises (which, incidentally, will not be superfluous, even in cold days). But to create the effect of cooling air baths can be and with the help of the fan. Using the latter method of hardening, it is possible to lower the temperature of the air on a daily basis for the duration of the procedures and increase their duration.

The optimal temperature at the start of the cycle hardening is 21-22 ° C, and the duration - 20 seconds. By reducing the daily temperature by 1 ° C and increasing the duration of the admission air bath for 20 sec., You can achieve amazing effects - train yourself does not freeze even in the cold.

No less efficiently and quenching with water (in particular, its varieties such as wiping, pouring and douches). Shower, inter alia, provides miraculous water massage. He, like other water treatment, is recommended in the morning (if possible - after a short charging).

 6 lessons, which is scheduled for the end of winter
 So, to start the cycle receptions cold shower better with temperature 34-36 ° C, lowering it every 3-4 days at 1 ° C. And if you prefer a contrast effects (alternating cooling heated) - the lowest temperature at the earliest procedure shall be 38 ° C. At the same time, you can gradually reduce it to 24 ° C. Changing temperatures should be 3-4 times. The maximum temperature threshold and the duration of the low and high temperatures in this case are set individually (depending on experiences and condition of the body during the procedure).

Enhance the effect of the contrast can be preliminary contrasting shower rubdown. In addition, wiping useful in and of themselves (since they increase the resistance of the vulnerable areas of the body to frost). And they are able to successfully replace the local cooling bath (for example, for the legs).

Among other methods of water quenching well proven washing with cold water, swim in the heated pool (pre-workout), cooling gargling.

 6 lessons, which is scheduled for the end of winter
 2. Cryotherapy
In fact, it can be considered a form of hardening, which is the impact on the body ultra-low temperatures. However, at the same time Now cryotherapy is a separate, well-developed area of ​​medicine and cosmetology. Therefore, to understand the aspects of its influence on the authorities and the specific application is detailed.

So, to "everyday" forms of cryotherapy can be roughly classified:

- Rubbing the face with ice cubes, including special concoctions of herbs (which increase the elasticity of the skin, relieve swelling, eliminate the effects of allergic reactions, remove small scars and smooth);

- Pouring ice water and swimming in the hole (by the way, marked as methods of preserving youth and attractiveness in the works of Hippocrates, Galen and Avicenna). To start such a "winter" procedure, of course, it is recommended only after consulting your doctor first.

Widespread just received and the "salon" cryotherapy. In modern beauty salons can offer you:

- Cryomassage for noramalizatsii work of the circulatory system;
- Kriopiling (as an alternative means of renovation of the skin and anti-aging treatment that can replace anti-aging creams and injections);
- Cryo (filled with liquid nitrogen cooling) for the treatment of a variety of diseases, including skin, deficiencies figures and too full and lean beauties.

It is interesting
1. Cryotherapy as a way to rejuvenate today give preference even some Russian stars of the stronger sex. So, Valery Leontiev has dedicated cold therapy in combination with fitness almost a month. Effect cryosauna felt the day and Boris Moiseev.

2. Do you think winter cryotherapy inappropriate? German pastor Sebastian Kneipp all proved the opposite, when completely got rid of a severe form of pneumonia (after dipped in this time of year in the icy waters of the Danube).

3. In our country, there are often so-called "false and cryo kriokabiny." Since the principle of cooling them is different from the optimum (developed by Japanese Yamauchi), the effect of their visit may be contrary to expectations. Caution is recommended to treat cold chamber that must attend dressed.

 6 lessons, which is scheduled for the end of winter
 3. Visit baths
... In the company of close friends not only give a few hours of joy, but also activates the body's defenses and clarifies the mind. Transfer of the beneficial aspects of various bath procedures (traditional Russian steam bath, exotic Japanese, Roman, Finnish) may be delayed for several hours. Therefore, focus only on the fact that:

- Under the influence of hot steam and brooms to clean the body from harmful toxins and updated;

- Many baths, among other things, provide an aromatherapy effect (in Russian, for example, it is due to the odor of natural wood, Japanese - thanks to the special oils).

It is interesting
In Russian folklore has repeatedly mentioned that the room may be a better place for reconciliation with her husband.

 6 lessons, which is scheduled for the end of winter
 4. Aromabaths
... Partly provide effect of the sauna and have other positive aspects. So, swimming baths with aromaveschestvami tone, strengthen immunity, improve skin metabolism and blood flow to organs, eliminate a number of skin diseases, diseases of the reproductive system, nervous disorders and stress.

Apply the same for such procedures can be as specific pharmaceutical flavoring agents (salt, oil, pine needles and so on.), And certain edible additives (honey, milk, cream and alcoholic beverages). The only thing to remember advise beauticians - warming hot bath with chlorinated water dry skin, so you can take them no more than once a week, moisturizing the skin after bathing.

 6 lessons, which is scheduled for the end of winter
 5. Fitness
... That can successfully replace swimming, water aerobics, playing traditional winter sports or any other physical activity, fun.

They are especially important now for those winter led passive lifestyle. In fact, as is known, in the cold season, we often gain weight (which, as a consequence, provokes complexes, frustration, indirectly leads to mood swings).

No matter what kind of physical activity you choose, it is worth remembering only that:

- Loading dose give maximum effect, if you remember about the production of proper breathing;
- Intensive training should always be preceded by a brief training of the muscles (ie warm-up);
- A set of exercises in no way be sharply interrupted (for example, if you plan to make a temporary break - before it is necessary to reduce the number and duration of the exercise);
- Exercise should cause a feeling of pleasant fatigue, but fatigue.

 6 lessons, which is scheduled for the end of winter
 6. Facial Massage
It can be trained to independently, without the help of beauticians. So, the simplest kind of massage to improve the color and condition of the skin (which is most exposed to the cold) includes:

- 10 circular movements connected index and middle fingers on the center of the forehead to the temples, and in the opposite direction;
- 10 movements are the same fingers on the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose;
- A set of strokes: 10 - on the upper eyelid - from the center to the outer corner of the eye, similar to 10 - the lower, 10 - from the wings of the nose to the cheeks, 10 - from the chin to the temples.
Author: Alla Pilipenko