Acne on the back: saved from bakne
 The term "bakne" is a combination of two English words «back» (back) and «acne» (acne). And the word means pimples and acne that appear on the back. The problem is not so rare, and very unpleasant, especially in summer. Let's get rid of!

Bakne affects not only teenagers but also adults. The reason, as a rule, is the same as in the case of acne on his face, i.e. hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands in the back. Means of treatment is also similar, but there are special recommendations. Learn how to get rid of bakne.

1. Exfoliate.   Do not use rough brush and massage her back with a sponge or washcloth. But do not rub too hard, because you only increase the irritation to the skin. Exfoliate will allow to reveal the pores, clean them, because often the cause of acne is clogged pores.

2. Sun.   A simple trick will help dry acne. If the problem is caught you at the resort, or you're lucky and you live near the sea or a swimming pool with sea water, this tip is for you. Go to the sea beach, soak in salt water (to spin completely submerged). Then sit under the sun's rays, so they got back. Sit beneath them 10-15 minutes (no more, so as not to get burned!). Repeat this procedure several times, and you will see good results in the first two days.

3. Zinc. In some cases, zinc may be effective in treating bakne. There are two ways to use zinc for acne:

- Apply zinc directly to the skin. For this buy ointment or cream having 1, 2% zinc acetate and 4% erythromycin. And rub into the skin of the back twice a day. Furthermore ointments, sometimes sold in pharmacies as a zinc gel capsules. The gel should be taken with a clean finger or cotton swab and applied directly to the problem areas.

- Taking into zinc as vitamin supplements. Daily need of 25 to 45 mg (zinc picolinate). But no more than 50 mg - this can create a copper deficiency in the body, because the high doses of zinc inhibit the absorption of copper.

 Acne on the back: saved from bakne

4. Scrub. Peeling with a scrub removes dead cells that accumulate in the pores. Create your organic scrub. For this you will need 1 grapefruit, white sugar and sea salt. Squeeze in a bowl 1 grapefruit, add half a cup of sugar and a half cup of coarse sea salt. Scrub to massage the problem areas of the body.

5. Balan pH.   This is another way to get rid of acne, including on the back. Scientists have determined that the most suitable pH levels for healthy skin and bacterial flora may be called index of less than 5, ideally - 4, 7. Application shower soap can cause the pH of the skin will be higher than 5. This leads to dryness, peeling, acne, irritations. What to do:

- Use the shower head, which filters out the chlorine in the water.

- Do spray lowers the pH of the skin. The spray bottle, pour the filtered drinking water and apple vinegar in a ratio of 1: 1. After a shower and before bedtime spray on the skin, this composition, the pH of the skin decreases.

- Use soap and detergents labeled "helps balance the pH of the skin."

6. Salicylic acid.   If you use a cleanser with salicylic acid, but do not see the results - perhaps you are acting the wrong way. Use detergent to oil-free basis, with the active ingredient 2% salicylic acid. Concentrate on areas with acne, wait a minute, and only then rinse with water. Since acid starts to "work" and completely rid the skin of oils and fat accumulation in the pores.

 Acne on the back: saved from bakne

7. Moisturize.   Even oily skin prone to acne, needs moisture. Especially after applying salicylic acid, because it dries the skin. What is important is to find the right tool. Marking must be "non-comedogenic".

8. Medical ointment.   This ointment sold in pharmacies, and use a dot directly on the pimple. It is best to use a medical ointment to 2, 5% benzoyl peroxide. You should not use funds from the 5% or 10% benzoyl peroxide, if you have very sensitive skin, it will cause irritation.

9. Retinol.   Creams with retinol also relieves acne and bakne in particular. Retinol exfoliates the skin and prevents the formation of acne. However, making the skin is sensitive to sunlight, should therefore only be applied retinol at night and when the spin is protected from the sun.

10. AHA and BHA.   Alpha-hydroxy acids exfoliate dead skin that clog pores and cause acne. Beta-hydroxy acids fight bacteria that cause bakne. Scrub AHA-acids should be applied 3 times per week. After the shower to moisten the skin of the back, and the process BHA-patches.

Bonus.   Try local application on spots following products: lemon juice, tomato juice, tea tree oil. They dried acne, has an antibacterial effect.

Skin care if you suffer bakne

Help medical facilities operate more efficiently. To do this, you will need to review some habits and lifestyle. Here, the factors important to provide:

- Wear a clean bra. If there bakne, the underwear should be changed more often, preferably after each use, that is, every day. Bra straps should be well-adjusted in size, that there is no friction on the skin and irritation. Good decision - strapless bra, but you can try and backless bras. Watch out also for the purity of sponges and towels.

 Acne on the back: saved from bakne

- Wear loose clothing made from natural fabrics. Cotton absorbs sweat, and synthetics will only encourage the growth of bacteria.

- Use a shower after any physical activity, whether it's fitness or working in the garden. Pot wash them frequently, especially in summer, to avoid the bacteria did not develop, and does not clog pores.

- Thoroughly rinse the body after a bath and shower. Dermatologists say that one reason is ... bakne conditioner or balm for hair. This product is good to rinse out of the hair, but that's about to wash away from the back - do not think. Rinse skin conditioner with cool water should be back. Another solution - to apply leave-in conditioner for hair.

- Change detergent. This advice for owners of sensitive skin. Perhaps your washing powder irritate the skin. Change it to another, for example, powder for children's clothes.

- Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Good moisture inside ensures that the skin will not release oil to make up for lack of moisture.
Author: Julia Shestakova