And there are spots in the sun ...
 Brown spots - a fairly common problem. Basically discoloration occurs in women. These disturbances arise due to an excess of melanin, the same coloring pigment in the skin. The appearance of age spots, also called chloasma, can be triggered by changes in hormonal levels in the body, for example during pregnancy or during menopause.

The presence of chronic diseases is also a stimulator of this process. Particular influence on launching mechanism can have hyperpigmentation sunlight use of certain drugs or "overlay" of these factors to each other.   By the way, solar radiation, doctors give the leading role.

Brown spots signal the malfunction in the body   and often deliver anxiety and discomfort, especially women. There are two main directions in the fight against this cosmetic problem. Firstly, apply drugs, clarifying the existing spots. Such procedures can be performed at home using a special means of medical cosmetics or in a clinic or salon. Second, the more effective the exfoliation: chemical peeling of different depths depending on the intensity and size of the available spots, laser peels, dermabrasion manual.

With lightening products can not achieve a complete clarification of spots, because these funds are at the upper layer of skin - the epidermis.   For maximum effect, it takes a long systematic application, patience ... and a sufficient amount of money as means of quality are not cheap. These tools are used as follows: the concentrated essence is applied directly to the spots, without affecting other areas of the skin. The complex is used lightening cream which contains the same clarifying agents, but in low concentrations. This cream is usually also contains a sunscreen to protect the skin from re hyperpigmentation.

Chemical peeling - Method recommended not only for the removal of pigmented spots, but also to eliminate superficial wrinkles, acne, for lifting and rejuvenation, for various dermatological and cosmetic problems. As the acid reactant used different concentrations (alpha- and betagidroksikisloty). When you remove hyperpigmentation used, as a rule, superficial and median peels, that is, those that do not affect the deepest layers of the skin. Chemical effects on the skin painful skin after such a procedure requires specific care - recovery and food, protection from intense solar radiation.

Mechanical dermabrasion and Laser peels - The different ways of exfoliation. Which method is suitable for each individual patient, the doctor decides.

After exfoliating skin rejuvenation treatments, she begins to rapidly update their cells, increases production of collagen of the skin, increases vitality and improves complexion.

Companies offering cosmetics to remove age spots in the home, not so much. Of course, in this case it is likely talking about lightening of pigmentation and not the full color reconstruction. In the cosmetic market proven themselves the following means.

Proof of age spots Lerak / Essence Activatrice de Dépigmentation - Correcteur Anti-tâches (Liérac) .
 And there are spots in the sun ...
 Intensive correction means of the problem (it is recommended for brown age spots). The composition comprises 10 tiprotsentnuyu glycolic acid, 5 percent lactic acid. Available in a bottle with a roller for easy application directly to the spots on the face and hands. Apply the product must be for a minimum of 6 weeks, after which the manufacturer claims as the result of a significant brightening spots. According to the European test this tool takes the first place.

Together with the need to use the essence Brightening Cream Crème Eclaircissante IP 12 - Correcteur Anti-Taches (Liérac) .  And there are spots in the sun ...
 It contains a patented Components, which will not only change the color of pigmented spots, but also regulate the normal production of melanin in the skin. In addition, the cream protects the skin from the sun's rays with a sun protection factor and contains light-reflecting pigments, further masking uneven complexion.

Antipigmentnaya serum from Chanel - Sérum Correcteur Pigmentaire - Performance Anti-Tâches (Chanel)   also deserves praise and attention. In serum as active components extracts contain other, but the result is still the same brightening pigment stains.  And there are spots in the sun ...
 The formula consists of serum extracts bulbs of narcissus, licorice extract and a stabilized ascorbic acid. Such a complex effect on the intracellular metabolism of dark skin. Available in a bottle with a roller for easy application. Concealer is applied morning and evening in the mandatory combination with sunscreen.

Next product against age spots - whey from rutsinolom Iklen / Iklen Dépigmentant Sérum Soin Intensif (Iklen).  And there are spots in the sun ...
 Serum produced the pharmaceutical company Merck, based on action - patented rutsinol substance that blocks excessive melanin formation, thereby reducing the intensity of the color spot. With prolonged use of this agent is able to "withdraw" spots, because it has a very active staff.

Another tool that deserves attention and high marks from European consumers - Serum anti pigmentation on the basis of the wine of the extract from the code Sérum Éclat Anti-Taches - Vinoperfect (Caudalie) .  And there are spots in the sun ...
 It is based - stabilized wine extract Viniferin having an active effect against free radicals and normalize metabolic processes in the cell. Olive extracts, cumin, mint and smolonosnitsy (or ferrule) complement the action of the main active ingredient. It is recommended to apply the complex for the face, neck, arms. Be sure to use a sunscreen cream recommended Vinosun IP25 the same series.

The review presents the active agent, they must be used for at least 6-8 weeks. In addition to these applied lightening cream with sun protection factor to prevent the negative impact of solar radiation on areas of pigmentation. Funds may be used at home after prior consultation with the doctor, and in addition to other methods of treatment.
Author: Olga Zorina