Cosmetic opportunity normal washcloths
 All of us at home have washcloths, but as a rule, they are used only during the campaign in the shower. The rest of the time, they lie quietly on the shelf in the bathroom, where could be used for a variety of beauty treatments. Beauticians and dermatologists can identify dozens of troubles, from which you can easily get rid of with this faithful companion hygiene. What is capable of ordinary cleansers? And how it can help us to maintain our beauty?

1. Efficient skin

Natural sponges - are natural exfoliants that help remove even the most stubborn dirt from his face. Wet the loofah loofah or any other natural fiber with warm water and massage the skin in circular motions neat in any direction, starting from the forehead. After you finish this nice massage, rinse your face with warm water. You will immediately notice that the skin has become much smoother. If you have very sensitive skin, it is desirable to acquire for such purposes a soft baby washcloth.

In order to achieve the result of both the extra exfoliating scrub-type funds, sprinkle on a dampened washcloth pinch of sugar and wipe her face. Believe me, no one store peeling will not be as efficient as this procedure.

2. Reduce puffiness

Early in the morning or late at night, especially during the summer, some people very strongly swells the face. To cope with this problem will help all the same universal cleansers. It is necessary to moisten in cool water and apply to the face for a few minutes. This trick, by the way, enjoy the make-up artists in the world shows during fashion week in Paris, where models need to put in order after violent secular parties.

 Cosmetic opportunity normal washcloths

3. Remove flaky skin

Many women after thirty years of suffering from such widespread problems as oily skin peeling from the bottom and top. Before applying make-up, wipe your face dry washcloth. This will help remove peeling. This field lubricate the skin moisturizing or regenerating cream. And you can immediately notice the positive effects of such a simple procedure.

4. Brushing

If you go somewhere on a trip or to the country, but have forgotten your toothbrush at home and buy it at the moment there is no way, use of the same washcloth. Apply a pea on her toothpaste and a good wipe the teeth.

 Cosmetic opportunity normal washcloths

5. Shaving legs

Often it happens that an urgent need to get rid of unwanted hair on the legs, but, unfortunately, you do not have any machine, no cream, etc. Means for depilation. Or you just forgot to shave legs in the shower, and again to climb into a bath you do not want. In such cases, you can help the hard sponge. To do this, soak your hands and lather them ordinary soap or shaving cream. Thickly apply the foam on its feet several times and spend them wet, warm washcloth.

As a result, you will be more than rewarded with smooth legs. Just do not overdo it and do not rub them very much, because in this case will be an ugly red. It should be noted that this procedure is effective only in the presence of short hair. After shaving use conventional hard sponges will be a good prevention to combat ingrown hairs.

6. Exfoliate lips

Sponge - a great tool to exfoliate lips. For this purpose it is necessary using gentle, circular motion rub the lips. Sponge should be slightly moistened with warm water, you can also put on her lip balm. If you want additional otshelushevayuschego effect, sprinkle a little sugar on a washcloth.

7. Treatment of skin before bedtime

Before going to bed, soak a washcloth in hot water for some time and held her face until it is completely cooled. This will help to relieve tension and calm the skin. After this procedure, your face is ready to use a night cream.

8. Sponge scrub before applying a shimmering gel

Shimmering gels are very popular today. But, usually before their application must thoroughly clean a skin, otherwise no effect will be. Many of these goals hard to wipe the skin dry washcloth.

 Cosmetic opportunity normal washcloths

9. Fast wash

If you do not have time to complete taking a shower, but you need to cleanse your body of impurities, then soak a washcloth with clean water and, from the armpits, massage exposed body downwards. Of course, this does not replace the usual showering, but can quickly get rid of visible dirt.

And some unusual ways to use sponges do you know?
Author: Albina Rogov