What is the key to beautiful skin, sunburn and an equal lack of ingrown hairs? That's right - competent exfoliation. After all, regular exfoliation makes the skin healthy and beautiful.

The face
Depending on the type of skin exfoliation should be performed 1-2 times per week. Not more! Before the procedure is necessary to properly clean the skin. Do not use scrubs with untreated face. So, make-up and dirt washed away, now go to the most important.

Means for removing the "dead" cells can contain granules, and chemical compounds. Funds applied to the beads massage. Such products should not use people who have inflammation on the face caused by acne. In this case it is better to use chemical exfoliants. Most often, they contain enzymes and fruit acids. Such means do not irritate the skin in the extent to which this can be done with means garnulami. Do not be afraid of them, moreover, the chemical exfoliants are more effective.

   All means to exfoliate the face can be divided into the following groups:

- Scrubs . Such means include crushed apricot, almonds, powdered oatmeal, etc. Scrubs not only removes dead skin cells, but also improve blood circulation.
- Gels . Gels are good for people who suffer from acne. This is just a variant of chemical exfoliation. Such funds much more effectively scrubs, and they do not irritate the skin and moisturize it further.
- Masks . It's kind of a combination of the first two options. The skin after the mask to look fresh and healthy.

After exfoliating be sure to moisten the skin. So how do you remove the top layer, which helps to retain moisture in the skin. By the way, facial scrubs can be used for neck and chest, as they are not as aggressive as body scrubs.

 Scrubs is quite possible to cook in the home. There are many recipes based on oils, honey, cream, fruit, soda, oatmeal, etc. They work not worse purchased.

Also, never use facial scrubs - for the skin around the eyes.

The body
To remove dead cells from the body, you can use body scrubs, brushes and sponges. It is best to carry out exfoliation before removing vegetation from the body.

 But about all in order. If scrubs with more or less clear, then talk about the grinding brush. Rub can be both dry and moisturized skin. This procedure improves blood circulation, removes dead cells and even reduces the appearance of cellulite.

For the body also can use the means at hand, instead of purchased scrubs. For example, baking soda or milk. Just apply a little on the body and massage.

Our feet also need care. Dip your feet in the water with sea salt. Then rinse with water and wipe dry. Then take a pumice stone and a good rub your heels, then apply moisturizer.

Recipes home scrubs
I have a reasonable savings and simplicity. Therefore, we use the means at hand. Olive oil, yogurt, sugar, coffee, soda, clay, almond or apricot oil, essential oils, fruits, oatmeal - great ingredients for a simple home compositions. Here are a few proven options:

- Olive oil and sugar . Mix, apply to clean skin and massage slightly.

- Ground coffee, sugar and olive oil . Apply to damp skin of the body.

- Avocado oatmeal and almonds . Avocado moisturizes the skin, contains vitamin E, well stimulates collagen production in the body, causing the skin looks great.

- Natural yogurt, ground coffee and orange peel .

- Lime . If you urgently need to refresh the skin, take a slice of lemon and rub the face. Lemon juice whitens helps shrink pores and is well suited for people with acne. Then rinse with water.

Do not forget to pay attention in the summer of cleansing the skin. And it is beautiful!
Author: Vera Karabutova