Intimate space: care and problem solving
 Summer - a time when we show not only the knees and toes. It brings a lot of excitement the appearance of our most intimate areas (chest and bikini), which we also do not show off. In order not to feel embarrassed at the beach, find out how to care for their intimate areas, and enjoy the summer vacation!


This part of the body most often hidden from prying eyes. Still, each of us wants to have perfect skin on the breast, even if this summer is going to attend a party nudists. What you may be concerned about: nipple hairs, acne, stretch marks ... It is enough to pay due attention to these issues, and they will not annoy you.

Problem: sweat.   It happens not only in the gym, on hot summer days under the breast and in the hollow accumulated sweat, which can cause skin rashes, pimples and irritation. Therefore, the sweat is a problem, but in the very fact there is nothing wrong: sweat all, without exception.

Solution:   Apply deodorant spray or baby powder under the breasts, and do it before put on a bra. For those who suffer from sweating and do not want to spoil linen delicate fabrics - linen manufacturers such offer to sell special adhesive strips of cotton. They have good absorbent properties, and do not irritate the skin. It's like sanitary napkins, only for bra - a very interesting solution!

 Intimate space: care and problem solving

The problem: stretch marks. Age-related changes, gravity, weight fluctuations, pregnancy - all of these factors lead to sagging skin, as well as stretch marks.

Solution: Buy an intensive cream with lifting effect for the breast, such creams should be composed of ingredients that help maintain collagen linkages and enhance the growth of collagen in the skin. These creams can cost more than 1000 rubles, but they give a good lifting effect. Another, more affordable, receive - Supported bust exercise.

Problem: flaky skin. If you do not suffer from dry skin, the dryness and peeling of the skin on the chest is worth paying attention. In most cases, these symptoms occur in the summer and all due to the fact that the skin of the chest, usually not sufficiently protected from sunlight.

Solution: Apply sunscreen not only on the neck, but on the neckline, and even on the chest under the swimsuit. If the problem is not in the sun - do not forget about the regular peels to exfoliate dead cells.

Problem: redness. There may be several reasons: acne, rosacea, sunburn, stress, and alcohol consumption.

Solution: Furthermore exception of alcohol, remove from the diet of spicy food and caffeine. Another solution - do not wear synthetic clothes, or from rough fabrics, it also leads to inflammation and redness of the breast skin. Go to the less aggressive means of cosmetics. For example, instead of a scrub brush and oatmeal exfoliates the skin. It soothes and moisturizes the skin, and stick exfoliant such as redness will not pass.

Issue: blackheads. After the face and the back, the chest is the most common location of acne, pimples and acne. In the hollow of the bust often appear whiteheads.

Solution: First, review your hygiene habits. Be sure to take a shower after fitness, my clothes dry and clean. If you can not take a shower immediately after the pot, buy salicylic napkins to wipe the chest, back and face. Among the most popular options - wipes for sports from Neutrogena or Clearasil. And be sure to take a shower as soon as possible. Then you are not afraid of acne.

 Intimate space: care and problem solving

 Intimate space: care and problem solving

Problem: hair nipples. Around the nipple can be follicles, this is not something unusual. They usually appear during puberty.

Solution:   This region is very sensitive, so not all suitable means of hair removal. Plucking and trimming - acceptable options. Professional waxing as well - a good method. And if you have the money, go for electrolysis, this method removes unwanted hair once and for all. But, creams and shaving are best avoided, they cause irritation and negatively affect the health of the breast.

Problem: The dark spots. Darkening of the skin, pigment spots and freckles, blue veins - these imperfections sometimes frustrating women in the summer.

Solution: Make-up can neutralize these problems. Even a simple BB-cream can help here. Align the neck skin can also use bronzer. It not only masks irregularities of the skin, but also corrects the shape of the breast. To do this, apply the product on the sides of the neck, below the clavicle, and a hollow bust.

Problem: asymmetrical breasts. Quite a common problem of women who are often worried.

Solution:   Try wearing silicone bra inserts inside. They come in different sizes, and you can choose the size that will correct this deficiency.

 Intimate space: care and problem solving

Bikini Zone

The skin in the bikini area - one of the most sensitive in our body. Therefore, irritation and inflammation of the skin in this area - something quite common. The reasons may be incorrectly matched linen, incorrectly chosen method of hair removal, or not at all suitable means to the skin.

Problem: redness. Sensitive skin in the bikini area is often red and has an unattractive appearance.

Solution: For hygiene, use a mild soap without dyes and perfumed fragrances (soap is odorless, colorless), designed for sensitive skin. Avoid bikini for such detergents as a fragrant bubble bath, scented soaps and intimate hygiene products with flavor, they can cause redness, irritation, and even the development of infections.

 Intimate space: care and problem solving

Problem: dry and flaky skin.   Because of frequent shaving the skin is deprived of the natural fat layer, leading to dryness.

Solution:   Dry areas should be gently exfoliates. This procedure not only eliminates the flaking, and prevent ingrown hairs. However, the sensitivity of this area does not allow the use of the usual creams and scrubs. In ordinary bathhouse Mittens sufficient abrasive properties to remove the layer of dead cells. Dermatologists also insist that it is best to use your own hands to cleanse bikini.

The problem: frequent inflammation.   As a rule, they are accompanied by strange growths, painful sensations.

Solution: Go to the doctor if you notice unusual symptoms. It may be genital warts are transmitted sexually. Another reason is an allergic reaction to a method of hair removal or cosmetic product. In any case, the decision must be made by a doctor, and do not delay the visit.

Problem: ingrown hairs.   It hairs that begin to grow in a different direction than everyone else, they form a loop and end begin to grow back into the skin.

Solution: As mentioned earlier, the possible reason - lack of exfoliation and the lack of proper preparation of the skin before shaving. Ingrown hairs are also, if you are not using a quality razor or a new razor. Always shave the hair in the direction of hair growth. If you care about the problem quite often - revise its methods of hair removal. Most likely, the razor - not your method. Pay attention to other means of hair removal: a professional waxing, laser hair removal.
Author: Julia Shestakova