Master class for perfect neck
 Still, creating a wonderful woman! Knowing that age in the first place gives the neck, with great zeal and groom cherish somehow face. Moreover, it is unfair, so also poses a serious threat to the natural feminine charm. In general, an urgent need to take on the mind and go for the procedure!

The neck skin is thinner than the face, subcutaneous adipose tissue on it is not provided, and the muscle tone generally extremely low. It is more prone to dryness and tension, and as a consequence, the appearance of age-related changes. Not surprisingly, the neck skin calls for a reverent attitude. The latter is more convenient to be guided by our master class.

Daily: assault and diet

It just sounds terrible, but to implement a very nice! In the morning and evening during the soul should be directed to the cool stream of water on the neck from different angles. It tones the skin, prolonging its natural beauty. Whirlpool session is required to terminate the application of nourishing cream. Do it better in a special technique. Gently massage the neck with fingertips, moving from the bottom to the chin, not forgetting the "drive" the cream into the skin surface. Doing this procedure, reward yourself dessert - vitamins for health and youth: A, C, E.

Vitamin A promotes the synthesis of keratin, increases the "live" the epidermis and prevents the appearance of age spots. Vitamin C helps produce collagen, and vitamin E strengthens cell membranes, making them more resilient to external risk factors - UV and bad environment.

 Master class for perfect neck

Three times a week: complete care

Phytotherapy.   The gifts of nature - herbs from our youth together. The skin is pleased to reviver, created on the basis of decoction of chamomile, lime blossom, mint, sage, birch buds, and many other kinds of plants. "Deliver" it can be in the form of gentle washing early in the morning or in the form of ice cubes rubdowns. Keep in mind, "vzbadrivaya" neck skin with ice, should get thyroid area.

Contrast compresses.   Alternating temperatures tightens skin tone, maintains its elasticity. Dampen a towel with warm water (not hot!) And attach to the neck for 1-2 minutes, then soak it in cold water and soak the skin for about 5 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times, finishing with cold compresses on the note.

Next, take a more active pats on the neck with a towel, it will save from the appearance of a double chin and help to deal with it if it is already there. In the second case it is better to wet the towel in the water with sea salt, it will increase the efficiency of the procedure.

Mode "masking."   Masks are usually courses held. Not least in the performance practice regularly. To improve the appearance of the neck, you must first endure a month of daily masks, and then keep the result is a comprehensive care three times a week. Select the mask on your taste!

 Master class for perfect neck

Olive Mask   - A tablespoon of oil to combine with a couple drops of lemon juice and heat in a water bath to a pleasant warmth. Apply the mixture to clean skin of the neck and décolleté. Leave on for 20 minutes, then the excess wet cloth. This mask softens the skin and eliminates dryness.

Paraffin mask   - Paraffin heated in a water bath, have cooled to a comfortable temperature. Gently apply with a brush on dry skin of the neck layer to two centimeters. Be sure to bypass the area of ​​the thyroid gland! As the cooling wax, remove the mask with a spatula. The general course of paraffin masks - 10-15 procedures, and then rest for a month or two and repeat the course. These masks are prohibited in the presence of thyroid diseases!

Yeast mask - soak compressed yeast in warm water or milk until the consistency of thick cream, applied to the neck area. Leave on for 20 minutes, then remove with a sponge dipped in water with lemon juice in a ratio of 3: 1.

 Master class for perfect neck

Charging is on! Despite the fact that the neck continually in operation, this load is not enough to her muscles were strong and resilient. That's because most of them are strengthened only during special exercises:

- Make 10 rotations of the head from side to side, then front to back. The shoulders do not use!

- Cross your arms at the back and tilt the head back, overcoming the resistance of hands. Repeat 10 times;

- Place your hands on the chin and lower his head down against the resistance. Repeat 10 times;

- Take a pencil in his mouth and write positive affirmations in the air today;

- The maximum tilt your head back and wait in this position for at least 10 seconds. Return to starting position and relax your muscles. Repeat 10 times.

Observance of simple rules of beauty - the key to well-being and a nice appearance! Be irresistible!
Author: Natalia Bartukova