New habits to get rid of cellulite
 It came the long-awaited beach season! Already bought a fashionable bathing suit, bright tops and bronzer. There was little: to beat cellulite. If you are not yet subjected to the task - perhaps the fact that you will very quickly give up. Try to adhere to the new rules at least 1 month before they come into the habit. And then you will see that all is not fatal to this "orange peel" on the hips.

1.   If you have a sedentary job, and a lot of sitting during the day - the urgent need to change something! Perhaps work. But if you like your work, start with walking breaks, and in the evening (or morning) go to a good physical activity . Will running, cycling, brisk walking - these kinds of fitness most affordable and most effective. Remember: if you do not find time for exercise, no treatment will help to deal with cellulite.

2. Do not just any one cosmetic procedure or a product.   For example, all the caffeine creams, which, of course, fight cellulite - they solve the problem only on the surface of the skin. And what in the deep layers of the skin? For them, too, need to find an effective treatment.

3. Do not forget about moisturizing.   Some cease to use a moisturizing body lotion, when they begin to apply anti-cellulite cream. This is a wrong tactic. Apply moisturizer all times, even if you have already achieved the desired result. As soon as you stop to moisturize the skin, cellulite return immediately. In general, good hydration eliminates the "orange peel". Therefore, in order to extend the anti-cellulite treatments, get a means to "super" humidification. It should were present: glycerol, hyaluronic acid, urea, dimethicone (look for one or more of these ingredients).

 New habits to get rid of cellulite

4. Massage and lymphatic drainage Though, and have a temporary effect, but can significantly improve and extend the results of your struggle with cellulite. These procedures create some pressure on the problem areas reduces the concentration of fat cells surrounding skin tissue. But to get the first effect of the massage, you can not stop - it must be done repeatedly and regularly. As soon as you stop - cellulite will return.

Some essential oils enhance the effect anti-cellulite massage. Try to make yourself a Massage Oil :

- Add for every 2 tablespoons olive oil drops of essential oil of juniper;

- Massage for as long as the oil is completely absorbed by the skin;

- Repeat this fragrant massage 2-4 times a week.

If we apply this massage before going to bed - you'll notice one more pleasant thing - a good sleep and fall asleep faster. Juniper oil has a nice feature.

 New habits to get rid of cellulite

5. Laser treatment   It will produce positive results if you manage to find a good powerful variant of the procedure. In other cases, the laser does not provide noticeable changes. It is also true that the laser treatment gives the same time results as massage.

6. Learn to make dry cleaning.   This will invigorate the skin and make it softer, stimulates cell rejuvenation and provides intensive lymph circulation. For the correct procedure, you need a good brush with natural bristles and a long handle. Making dry cleaning should be every time you shower. Massage movements should be toward the heart. And after a shower do not forget to moisturize the skin well, better natural oil, because it is a part of the healing components and it is necessary, if the skin is subjected to micro-scratches. To have good results, do dry cleaning daily and gradually increase the intensity of the massage.

7. Exfoliate - regularly! In addition to moisturizing, exfoliation - one more thing that must never forget. Especially if you are concerned about cellulite. If you use cream-based scrub, you can achieve the best results, because it will provide a deeper penetration into the skin moisturizing ingredients scrub.

 New habits to get rid of cellulite

We recommend recipe for a special anti-cellulite scrub of coffee:

- Need coffee grounds from drinking coffee, keep it at the ready, for example, in the bathroom;

- After cleaning, dry skin problem areas massage coffee grounds within a few minutes, do it to the soul;

- Take a shower, wash away the remnants of the coffee grounds.

And do not forget about moisturizing after showering!

8. Stretching helps fight orange peel.   In addition to increasing daily activity, pay attention to stretching exercises. For example, this simple exercise: lie on your back, stretch your legs; then pull up to his chest right knee, pausing for 20 seconds and feel how the muscle strain; return to the starting position and repeat the same with the left foot. Repeat the exercise at least 3 times.

 New habits to get rid of cellulite

9. Do not wear slimming clothes and underwear often. At first glance, it seems that the tight-fitting clothes should help. However, quite the opposite effect occurs: too tight thing negative effect, reducing blood circulation, which in contrast, triggers the appearance of cellulite. Therefore, at least on weekends and home wear loose-fitting items. A better and choose not to work stiff linen trousers and knit top. It does not have in mind the baggy things, watch for a customized fit the density of things without disturbing the desired silhouette.

10. Proceed on cellulite, not only outside but inside.   This contributes to good hydration of the body, which is achieved when drinking 8 glasses of water a day. And also a good detoxification of the body.

There is an efficient cocktail that rids the body of toxins and skin, improves elasticity of the skin:

- Squeeze the juice of a lemon, add the cayenne pepper;

- Add a glass of water;

- 3 times a day for proper effect.

You can limit the morning and just taking water with lemon juice or grapefruit juice.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin