Soon the holidays! Effective beauty rituals
 The best beaches of the world are waiting for you. Spend the last days of the house for the benefit of body and shape and then get a truly spectacular vacation!

We know that ultraviolet negative effect on our skin, and even take measures to prevent its harmful effects. The latter can be attributed season use a day cream with SPF protection and sunglasses in summer and winter, which cherish our eyes and the delicate skin of the eye contour. In the context of these efforts, the city is enough, but if we're going to the beach, need a rich program of beauty.

Face: hydration, nutrition, protection

A couple of weeks before departure to warmer climes, pay attention to the saturation of the skin with nutrients and other useful - take on arms makeup with antioxidants and moisturizing active ingredients. In the list of ingredients of creams and serums look for seaweed extracts, vegetable oils, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera.

If you look luxurious on the beach like and care for her age is not enough to remove the mesh of wrinkles and give the skin a more shine, health and shine to help salon injection techniques.

Your choice:

Biorevitalization.   Injections of hyaluronic acid - a simple method, but at the same time very effective. After the first session the skin will be improved and come in tone. The effect of the sessions increases gradually, reaching its peak in 3-4 weeks after the first treatment. It is necessary to consider a plan of beauty, and then just in time you will be young and beautiful, like a sea nymph.

Mesotherapy.   An alternative method, which will give your skin a mix of vitamins and amino acids - powerful stimulants of its natural renewal. Full course requires at least 4-5 treatments. After that, you are guaranteed a happy transformation!


But the salon peels and resurfacing of the face in the run-up relaxing on the beach resorts of the world is strictly contraindicated, they increase skin sensitivity to UV and intense sunlight provoke the appearance of age spots. Then, instead of healing appearance, you may get the opposite effect.

Among the home's Skin funds before the holiday should be excluded from cosmetic products containing retinol and whitening ingredients. The constant exfoliation can lead to the fact that bronze tan will fall unevenly, or even do not appear. Be attentive to the needs of the skin, act according to the season!

 Soon the holidays! Effective beauty rituals

Beautician on vacation:

Let's talk about what to take with you to the resort. First of all, a good sunscreen. Modern beauty industry to create products that protect the skin from ultraviolet light and carry out high-quality aged care. Using them, you not only protect yourself from the deterioration of the skin, which often happens after sunbathing, but also to prevent the emergence of new wrinkles and deeper already available.

Please note that the lighter our skin, the higher should be the factor SPF. Groupie scrupulous care "Science" can be in the early days on the beach to use a cream with SPF 30-50, and then - go to the lightweight version with SPF 15-20.

Another tool, which simply has to be in your holiday beautician - a face mask with a mark after sun. It will help with emergency redness, quickly relieve inflammation, and you can enjoy your holiday as long as you want.

Do not forget about such useful as thermal water and hygienic lipstick with UV filter. Cosmetic water from time to time spray on the skin - fresh coolness works wonders! Especially as the thermal "shower" can be taken on top of sunscreen. Chapstick is useful for protecting the skin of the lips from the intense solar radiation and the effects of salt, which is in abundance in seawater.

So, on the face we took care now will pay attention to the skin of the body!

Body: The body wraps, care

Before you leave tidy figure - as naturally as to wash his hands before dinner. We hope that you do not forget about classes in the gym and a healthy diet, helping postroynet.

Make a figure more toned using cosmetics to help seaweed wraps. The benefits of seaweed can talk endlessly. They remove excess fluid from the body, giving the skin a nice relief, and help it to improve the protective potential, preparing them for sunbathing.


An important point in the preparation of the body to release, is the removal of excess vegetation on the body. Just before the trip to the sea you can choose any way you want - shugaring, epilation or the use of razor, but not laser hair removal in the salon. It says the latest report - 14 days before and after the procedure prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is contraindicated. The beauty must be protected!

 Soon the holidays! Effective beauty rituals

Beautician on vacation:

In addition to protective equipment for the body should be concerned choice of soothing beauty products perfectly with a cooling effect.

During the long-awaited visit to the beach can be used avtobronzant. The appearance of a beautiful shade of chocolate this tool does not hurt, but the embarrassment of milky white body background tanned beauties remove accurately.

Upon returning from the beach should take a shower and lubricate the surface of the body milk or gel with plant extracts and oils. It may be extracts of chamomile, lavender, aloe, roses and other medicinal plants. The pleasant aroma of beauty products and embolden you to add strength and energy for new achievements.

Be beautiful! Become the queen of the beach!
Author: Natalia Bartukova