Why French women do not have cellulite?
 The answer to banality is simple: they are very afraid to get hold of it, they have it here and there. This means that they are constantly monitoring the first signs of the appearance of orange peel and do everything to ensure that they were not.

In fact, the word "cellulite" - one of the most popular in the French beauty industry and the French gloss. Girls from Paris to Bordeaux and Lille know everything about him, and even a little more. And never let him into my life.

French women do not get fat

As you know, the extra weight - the main "trigger" for the formation of cellulite. But the French do not get fat! This is certainly a bold statement. But the ones we are talking about (namely France, the majority of women who do not have cellulite), not overweight. Again, the reason is not genetics or some feature of the climate. They are just terribly obsessed with control over their weight. One American lamented in his blog: "Why is my friend from Paris eats more than I do, but there is so skinny? ". The reason, of course, not the quantity. And this say many nutritionists. The question as food and basic principles.

 Why French women do not have cellulite?

The main rule that should be most slender French women: one of the meals a day should be easy. That is, if a resident of Paris planned a rich dinner (on appointment or admission), then for lunch, she eats a light soup. But if you allow yourself too much at dinner, the dinner she will miss or make it vegetarian.

In general, the gloss and the book industry offers a large selection of French women anti extra kilos. Any Parisian know how to lose weight. This topic is dedicated to a lot of literature and television.

The French move much

In contrast to the Americans and the Russians, who are pinning their hopes on the weights and exercise equipment, the French are not great lovers of debilitating stress in the gym. Their secret lies elsewhere. A bike! Recently bike in France no less than in the Netherlands, which until recently was called the bicycle capital of Europe. Residents of French cities are increasingly transplanted to the bike. Even the lady at the age they go shopping or take them on rent.

Girls in Paris do not believe that the bike - it's fitness. They simply enjoy the freedom that gives this form of transport available. Perhaps that is why the bike is so fond of French women?

 Why French women do not have cellulite?

Constant attention to your body - one more French Secret

For all the apparent insouciance of French women, they are in fact concerned about their body. And, of course, will not disregard the first signs of cellulite and excess fat. However, the girls there is a very interesting way of fighting - a lymphatic drainage.

This procedure is perhaps one of the most popular in France. Her offering, even in very small stores, which are often arranged for the clients of cosmetic shops and boutiques. In France, many cosmetic shops are on the ground floor of the store itself, and the second - a small room, or fitness room. And in Russia is seen shopping Yves Rocher. For the prevention and keeping in shape enough to walk to the lymphatic drainage 1-2 times a week. And if you go through an intensive course (3 times per week), and you can still lose weight.

As you have seen, the French - the girls are active, but will not sweat in the fitness rooms, and lymphatic drainage - a way to keep fit without exhausting exercise. And it go many, regardless of age and build.

Lymph why he fell in love with the French?

Lymphatic drainage - a serious massage treatments. Sometimes it is unpleasant and even painful sensations. Still would! Because lymph drainage aims at the elimination of toxins, that is a definite shock to the body. If you smoke or drink a lot of alcohol, the lymphatic drainage can be a real challenge, because the procedure affects the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the elimination of toxins and waste, and smokers many of these elements.

By the way, have resorted to the lymphatic drainage is not only willing to get rid of the first appearance of cellulite. In the salons of popular and lymphatic drainage facial. The result is visible at once - a glowing skin and ... grown thin face. Detoxification of the skin, it turns out, slightly reduces the volume of the face: cheeks literally blown away. Perhaps that is why French women are rare puffy face.

The French will tell you: "Lymphatic drainage for us - it's not a fad, but a necessity." And go at it without doom, and with a great desire.

Another little secret

It's a secret: the French often ... massage the abdomen. Known in Russian expression that "big belly - a bundle of nerves," there is in France, it sounds much the same. But the girls there made this their findings and began to massage the tummy. It is very important to relieve stress, strengthen digestion and get rid of toxins.

And, of course, cosmetics

Anti-cellulite cosmetics market in France is huge! In America and some European countries, and sometimes in Russia, for some reason, it is believed that these products are not working. And in France the opposite. Almost every cosmetic brand simply must have its own anti-cellulite product.

And the women there to buy these funds. Of course, because even if they do not work, but to put them on the problem areas, you need to carefully massage the body. This procedure is most beloved as we know. Increased circulation eliminating the toxins, affects fat and cellulite. The only problem is that the effect is stopped as soon as you finish the use of funds. What we do in this case? We swear advertising and regret about the money spent, and the French are going to shop for a new cream or scrub lotion, so the choice of such funds in shops and stores is huge.

If you decide to repeat the French experience

This certificate is for those who want to try to try on the French secrets. The main question is how much all this costs us, in Russia. Here is a sample variation in prices:

- Lymphatic drainage body - from 5000 rubles

- Lymphatic drainage face - from 4 thousand.

- Anti-cellulite complex (scrub and cream) - 1, 5 thousand rubles.
Total per month will be released about 10 000 rubles. However, there is another approach: to replace the lymphatic drainage and household cosmetics alternatives. Then, taking care of yourself, you will be not so expensive.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin