Deodorant with your hands - is it possible?
 Surely, among our readers we have great fans only handmade cosmetics. Still would! After all, it is an advantage: no chemicals, only natural ingredients and all the best. The most active supporter of all natural for a long time to make an anti-age creams, medicated shampoos and even styling tools. What about deodorant?

Want smooth skin armpits and effective protection against perspiration? Welcome to our virtual lab of beauty, which we are testing all the new and interesting from the category of Home-made. Today, in line Deodorant with their hands .

Surprisingly, there are about a thousand different recipes household deodorants. As components used products such as oils (shea butter and cocoa butter), or beeswax. I'll tell you that she tried.

Why is needed Home-made deodorant
The question I get asked a lot. Indeed, the sale is a lot of good deodorant labeled ┬źnatural┬╗. But all of them are composed of aluminum. And the damage is quite serious this ingredient from premature aging and changes in hormone levels to risk of Alzheimer's disease and even cancer. In recent years, however, deodorants dispose of aluminum in the composition, but a list of chemicals still alarming.

My path to the hand-made deodorant

1. Soda

At first I tried to replace deodorant very simple means. Perhaps the easiest. Conventional baking soda. Yes, yes, I remembered that somewhere read about it. Now, just wiped armpit soda. A period of testing.

I live in your own home, so the chance of intensive testing introduced after the first snowfall, when I came out waving a shovel and clean the snow from the tracks. I very quickly became hot, I felt wetness on his back and armpits. After working in the yard I went into the bathroom. To my surprise, I did not feel any smell of sweat! Sweat was, but there was no odor. For a good start!

A few days to continue the experiment. You know, a little odor appeared when I was wearing on synthetics. Minus was that soda several dries the skin, and it would be softer sensations armpits, so I decided to try another recipe.

 Deodorant with your hands - is it possible?
 2. Add the corn starch
This recipe is also very simple. It must be mixed in equal amounts soda and cornstarch. Again, at least cost, and again quite pleasant. First of all, because it was dry armpits. And applied as an ordinary baby powder. However, I read that the cornstarch can irritate delicate skin, and because I have sensitive skin, I decided not to take risks and to experiment a little more.

3. Add coconut oil
Coconut oil has bactericidal properties and has a pleasant flavor, in addition, a natural product, it is one that is needed in the home cosmetics. Recipe deodorant such: in equal proportions, baking soda, corn starch and the unrefined coconut oil. Specifically: 1/4 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup of starch, 5 teaspoons of coconut oil. First, mix the bulk ingredients, after - coconut oil (if not be, a little podtopit in a water bath or in the microwave). For flavor you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

The mixture becomes quite thick and viscous. And to put her hands on the skin do not always want (for example, when there is no way to wash your hands). Therefore, a good solution - used by the container deodorant stick.

 Deodorant with your hands - is it possible?

With the help of a spoon or fork fills the container and forming an upper surface. Wait, before you can use that weight well, "village" in a container and kept for a long time.

 Deodorant with your hands - is it possible?

Pros and cons of home deodorant
So I use my deodorant for 2 months, and can of something to judge itself and not just from blogs and articles. First, the pros:

+ No aluminum, no parabens, no harmful and unfamiliar substances will no longer be on my body. I want to pay special attention pregnant and lactating women, for them especially important to keep the skin safe products. The doctors even advised during pregnancy to give up such facilities like hair dyes, deodorants with aluminum nail polishes. A nursing know how often the kid stick his armpit mother - now kids are no-risk exposure to toxic chemicals.
+ From Home deodorant not schipet skin if applied immediately after shaving armpits.
+ Pleasant aroma, essential oils do their good work, and coconut oil smells wonderful.

It should be said about the disadvantages:
- Coconut oil is melted at high temperatures (60-70 degrees). In our Russian territories such temperatures do not occur, but in the sun oil may start podplavlyatsya. Therefore, a home store in the refrigerator deodorant better or away from direct sunlight. On a warm skin homemade deodorant only slightly softened, it only facilitates the application.
- It is difficult to travel, if you can not provide the correct storage mode. At the time of travel I turn on deodorant-starch powder and soda.
- Before you put on the clothes, it is better to wait five minutes until the deodorant will be absorbed to avoid stains on clothes. But I was not yet of spots.

I also want to say that over the last 2 months I still once the purchased popolzovavshis antiperspirants. It was at a party. Feeling terrible. The skin has lost the habit of such stresses: besides the tingling I felt that the clothes by the end of the day again began to smell afterwards as before. And that, I think the result of chemicals. Probably, the body has lost the habit of chemistry, and here such "aggression" on the part of antiperspirants provoked a copious sweat glands.

In general, believe it or not, but my home deodorant is satisfied, I feel the only natural ingredients, and it is very inspiring!

Bonus: one more recipe for homemade deodorant
This recipe is tried my friend from the United States, and after the success of completely passed him.

3 tablespoons of shea butter
3 tablespoons of baking soda
2 tablespoons cornstarch
2 tablespoons cocoa butter
2 drops of vitamin E oil (if vitamin E in the granules, it is necessary to take two pieces and sheath punctures pour oil)
The essential oil (it used oil ylang-ylang and orange oil)

 Deodorant with your hands - is it possible?

Mix first all the ingredients except the oil. Then add butter and stir again. To them all to melt, just enough to heat for 30 seconds in the microwave. Placed in a container and place in the refrigerator. Use a cream deodorant is very easy: take a small amount of size of a pea and rub into the skin of armpits. If the resulting substance for several vac hardish badly rubbed into the skin, you can add the next bit of the production of glycerol, this would facilitate the sliding of the skin. Store home deodorant can be 2-3 months.
Author: Olga Larsen