Hands up: benefits and harms of anti-perspirant
 It is difficult to imagine our life without antiperspirant. Like any popular means, it causes a lot of controversy! What can cause the regular use of antiperspirants and whether it is dangerous to health - today we try to understand.

Dangerous than antiperspirants?

The operating principle of the antiperspirant is simple: it contains a substance (namely, aluminum chlorohydrate ), The blocking effect of sweat glands, and therefore considerably reduces the production of perspiration. Hence, the effect is stunning, the promised advertising - freshness for the whole day and no odor!

But this active ingredient and causes most controversy. A few years ago, stunned the world the news that the use of antiperspirants leads to the formation of malignant tumors. And British scientists discovered this name, so to speak, already a household word. But I must say that their arguments are, that should be taken into account.

For example, they conducted a study of women suffering from breast cancer, and found that in their tissues in the area of ​​armpits aluminum content is much higher than normal, because everything they used antiperspirants. However, this study does not say whether the samples were taken on the aluminum content in women who do not use such means of protection against sweat and is also suffering from the disease. So, the direct relationship has not been established.   Yet, in some countries to replace aluminum chlorohydrate zirconium complex , Which is currently considered to be safe, though more expensive.

You can often hear the complaint that the antiperspirant cause irritation or allergy. Due to the fact that the antiperspirant often contain alcohol, perfume and other chemicals - is quite likely, especially if you have sensitive skin. In addition, the defective product or improper use can cause much more serious problem - the formation of painful seals ( gidrodenit ). Treatment of the disease is to remove the pus out leaving scars!

 Hands up: benefits and harms of anti-perspirant

How to avoid trouble?

The first thing that comes to mind - it is to abandon the use of antiperspirants. But on the other hand, they make life much easier!

From an aesthetic point of view means indispensable, especially in today's society, where great importance is attached to appearance, grooming, and neatness. And what kind of neatness can be discussed if the lady in the dress show through wet underarm stains ?! It can take a shower every 30 minutes, pour the spirits, but without antiperspirants or special cosmetic procedures like Botox injections, sweating, unlike odor, it is impossible to win.

Renounce the use of antiperspirants should:

• If you are coming strong physical exertion. Yes, yes, it is surprising, but it is in the gym, when sweating reaches its peak, similar agents are contraindicated because they can provoke inflammation.

• On the beach. Solar rays may react with components of the means and eventually cause the appearance of age spots.

• If the area of ​​the armpits have microtrauma, cuts, abrasions, or you just had a hair removal. There is no need to expose the injured skin even more severe irritation. In addition, through cuts infection can penetrate and lead to more serious consequences. Better after epilation process this area of ​​skin a good antiseptic.

 Hands up: benefits and harms of anti-perspirant

Do not apply deodorant on dirty or wet skin. Before its application should take a shower and dry with wet armpits polotentsem.Obyazatelno need to follow the instructions and do not exceed the recommended amount of the product. And, of course, is necessary to remove the remains of antiperspirant before going to bed, and do not apply it at night.

To refuse this money or not - a private matter. Observing the rules of use, can reduce the risks to a minimum. Risk it for our health is not yet proven, and look good, be fresh and tidy every woman wants!

MyCharm recommends:

• antipersperant Rexona «Net protection '   does not contain ethyl alcohol, parabens, dyes and perfumes, but it is able to protect you from the smell of sweat all day. In addition, it means no smell, so is ideal for those who does not like the smell of antiperspirant prevents the aroma of perfume.
 Hands up: benefits and harms of anti-perspirant

• Deodorant NIVEA «Nature Protection»   It contains a natural anti-bacterial component of Bio-florin, acting on the source of odor, is actively blocking its appearance, while allowing the skin to breathe freely. It is not composed of aluminum salts and preservatives.
 Hands up: benefits and harms of anti-perspirant

• Deodorant "The Grinch"   from Lush   It comes in the form of powder, containing ground rosemary, sage, moss and leaves of the tea tree. It does not contain aluminum salts.
 Hands up: benefits and harms of anti-perspirant

• Deodorant   "Crystal"   from L'Occitane   leaving invisible on the skin layer of mineral salts, regulates the natural processes of perspiration. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Before use, moisten with water.
 Hands up: benefits and harms of anti-perspirant

• Refreshing deodorant Aloe Vera BIO Mexico   from Yves Rocher . 98, 7% of the components of natural origin. 10% of the components BIO. Without paraben, dyes, aluminum salts and mineral oils.

 Hands up: benefits and harms of anti-perspirant

Author: Jan Kolosovskaya