Oh, it's the sun!
 As we wait for the spring, and how it sometimes frustrates us, if we treat it lightly open rays.

Modern girls do not give up the sun. This is what we need vitamin D, and the protection from depression and bad mood. Light tan is beautiful and sexy. Besides, I want to demonstrate your new swimsuit and walk barefoot. But what if a weekend in the open air turned sunburn on the skin? There is an exit!

- Reduces inflammation of the Sun Add vitamin E. Vitamin E in creams and lotions for the skin. Use ready-purchase-funds, which have this vitamin (creams, serums, balms).

- Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

- Eat foods high in vitamin C (citrus fruits, strawberries, spinach), beta-carotene (chili, cabbage, carrots), vitamin E (nuts, olives) or linseed oil.

- Slices of cucumber to help soothe the burning.

- Take a cool shower. In areas where the skin "burns", avoid soap or gels with strong odors and perfumes.

- Keep your skin hydrated. Try to use a lotion with shea butter or palm oil for extra moisture.

 Oh, it's the sun!
 - The means of very severe burns
First, apply a layer of aloe juice. Then - a layer of coconut oil. Top - a layer of honey or propolis. Leave everything overnight. And the next morning you wake up with a healthy skin.

- Make a homemade sprayer for the skin: the water add a little lavender oil. This liquid pour into a container with a lid, spray. Keep the mixture in a refrigerator. During the day, periodically spray the body and face to soothe the skin from sunburn.

- Bath burn
Add the soda water bath. Soak in a bath for 15 minutes. When you leave, do not wipe the skin, let it dry without a towel.

- Honey - an excellent natural remedy for redness, irritation and dry skin. Spreadable honey burns. Add the honey (and propolis) in the bath, it will speed up the recovery of the skin.

 Oh, it's the sun!
 - Make soothing ice cubes. From green tea, aloe vera juice, slices of fresh cucumber. Use ice on the burns.

- Wear loose clothing. After burning the skin heals and restores, grow new cells and tight clothing may interfere with this process. In addition, the skin needs to breathe and be filled with oxygen, which she lost because of the burn.

- Aloe vera - the best friend, when the skin is irritated by burns. Aloe juice can also be used as an immediate help, and as a long term remedy. You can add aloe moisturizing creams, lotions and even in the shower gel.

- Coconut oil - a good remedy for burns. The most effective among other oils.

 Oh, it's the sun!
 - Milk poultice. Dampen a cloth milk or yogurt, put on the skin for half an hour. Do not rub the skin! After compress just pat the skin with a clean damp cloth.

- Home gel linseed
3 tablespoons of flaxseed boil in two cups of water for 15 minutes. Upon cooling, the broth thickens and take the consistency of a gel. Moistened wipes in the gel and applied to burns. This procedure treats and heals the skin and moisturizes it.

About what to do after the burn - I hope it is clear. But maybe we should avoid situations with skin lesions sunlight? Then come in handy Tips for prevention of harmful effects of the sun:

- If there is no sunscreen, then you can use any means, enriched with Vitamin E. It helps protect against the sun's rays. Avocado oil is rich in vitamin E. You can just cut the skin smear of avocado. If there is a vitamin E oil, add it to the day cream will not burn.

- If you use perfume, then eliminate citrus smells, they contain essential oils of bergamot, orange, lemon, lime. These oils do not respond well to the sun, enhance its destructive effect on the skin. If you can not give up your favorite flavors, apply to those areas of the skin that will be covered from the sun exactly.

- Protect from open rays of the sun, especially at midday. In the shade, too, can cause burns, remember this.

- Do not combine tanning and exposure to sunlight.

- Do not sunbathe immediately after epilation, peeling, any cosmetic procedures, including pets (masks, baths, etc.).
Author: Your Tamara